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Vendor Interview: Ian Sampson from Glanton Solutions
This is an interview I have recorded with Ian Sampson, the Technical Director and co-founder of Glanton Solutions. They are well-known on the DNN space for their knowledge and expertise on Active Directory integration with DNN and they have created a bundle of products around that, which is already part of the Evoq Preferred Products list.
What makes a top product?
If you missed the Store Newsletter two weeks ago, we sent out a list of the top-selling modules and themes of 2014 (by revenue from January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014).  The top 5 of each include: Top-selling Modules EasyDNNnews Hotcakes …
Vendor Interview: David Smith from Smith Consulting
This is an interview I have recorded with David Smith, the president of Smith Consulting. They have created a very popular ecommerce solution for DNN called SmithCart which is already included within the "Evoq Preferred Products" list.
Go beyond static: How to add automagic to DNN's role system
Without doubt, DNN's role system is a powerful means for customising your site's content. The visibility of every single module on your pages can be configured on the basis of roles. By employing the technique, you can easily display additional content for super users, display some relevant information for your sellers, or hide products already bought from customers on your e-commerce website. But there is one central limitation.
Azure Compatibility for DNN Store Modules
Beginning with DNN 6.0, all editions and versions of DNN have included support for Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform. As more and more DNN sites are hosted on Microsoft Azure, it has become important that DNN extensions are also Azure compatible. The …
Vendor Profile: EasyDNNsolutions
Damir Kapustic of EasyDNNsolutions, creator of several of the top modules on the DNN Store, answers questions about EasyDNNsolutions’ experience with DNN, the products they develop, advice for DNN users, and more!
Make Your Store Stand Out
Make Your Store Stand Out When you choose DNN for your eCommerce website, there are alot of factors you need to consider. While it can be a little overwhelming atfirst, don’t be discouraged! DNN ranks highest in ease of use, whether you area seasoned …
Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your DNN Modules Up To Date
Even though new versions of DNN modules are constantly released, too many module users still use older versions. Why? Well, maybe because they need concrete arguments to justify the price, time, or fear of the unknown, other than the usual “because it’s a new better version.”Therefore, I have put together 6 reasons (in no particular order) why DNNizens should update their modules.
5 Tips for Choosing the Right E-Commerce Module
One of the primary reasons for any business to have a website is to earn money. Sometimes this act of earning money is indirect, such as generating a lead or building a brand presence. However, the other case is far more direct indeed – you want to sell products and/or services of some kind. In the latter, you will need some kind of e-commerce solution to manage transactions, products, promotions, and more.