Become A Seller

Selling your products on the DNN Store is a rewarding experience!

Getting Started

Do you have a module, skin or product that you would like to list in the Store? It is quick and easy to set up a new seller account and begin listing your products. Become a Seller.

The Opportunity

DNN is the number one Web content management solution in the Microsoft ecosystem. There have been over 7 million downloads of our open source project, which fuels an active global community one million strong. To date, over 700,000 websites have been deployed worldwide using DNN.

Developing Your Product

Are you new to the DNN ecosystem? Do you have questions about module development or best practices about creating skins? We recommend the following areas of the DNN site:

Benefits To Selling in the Store

Adding listings to the DNN Store is quick and easy. Let our site handle sales and payments from customers and send you your earnings while you focus on developing your product. Customers enjoy the opportunity to benefit from your innovative solutions.

The Store provides many great features such as:

  • Ability to post hotfixes for current customers
  • Upgrades with discounting so you can easily release new versions
  • Many payment options for customers like credit card, PayPal, and purchase orders (with fraud protection)
  • Integrated Help Desk for customer support
  • Full HTML capable product descriptions
  • Sales notification API to enable integration with your website
  • Configure product options for alternate versions or customizations
  • Google Analytics integration to view your listing activity
  • Create coupons to give customers special deals
  • Configure promos discounts for product specials
  • Enable volume discounting

Spend more time coding and save cash, while the Store provides:

  • Handling of credit card and other transction fees
  • Fraud protection services
  • Monthly newsletter services
  • Google advertising
  • Search-engine optimization
  • Download and file management services
  • Site hosting and performance

Customers find the Store a trustworthy and informative place to locate products using:

  • New releases lists
  • Extensions Catalog service
  • RSS feeds
  • Powerful search and category browsing
  • Over 500 sellers
  • Over 5000 product reviews by customers
Additional Questions?

Please refer to our list of Frequently Asked Questions for Sellers for more info.

We also encourage you to send any questions you may have to us at our Help Desk.