Payment error on the DNN Store
  • 4/18/2018

Some customers are getting an error saying that their address is incorrect when they put their credit card order through the DNN Store. The error is wrong, please disregard it. Your order will go through. If you put the order through again, it will be …

How does GDPR affect website cookies?

GDPR legislation has changed on how your website can use cookies and gain cookie consent, this legislation is now enforceable. In this article we look at how the legislation has changed and what your website can do to become compliant and gain lawful cookie consent as the traditional "We accept cookies" confirmation is no longer deemed lawful cookie consent.

Author: Nigel Allan
Siteimprove and DNN, Better Together

The Siteimprove CMS plugin bridges the gap between the DNN content management system (CMS), Evoq™ Content and the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform. Now you can scan your website for errors as soon as a page is published, allowing you to fix mistakes, optimize content, and manage your site more efficiently. The CMS Plugin allows you to put your Siteimprove Analytics data to use right away by building your insights directly into your content creation and editing processes. We make it easier than ever for your team’s content managers and editors to apply analytics data to their decisions, ensuring that your content is guiding your users in the right direction.

Author: Siteimprove
​iOS and Android™ Apps Built On DNN

If you love the security, flexibility and functionality offered by DNN, why not use it for building and managing iOS and Android™ mobile apps as well?

Author: John Wurzbacher
SSL Implementation: Best Practices and Beyond

DNN is a great platform to build secure websites. But where do you start? The answer is to start with SSL encryption. But there are important Best Practices that will help you get the most value out of SSL on your DNN website or portal. Here is everything you need to know about implementing SSL certificate encryption on your website along other security pointers to help you get started making your site safe and secure.

Author: Mitchel Sellers
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