What is my approach for a new project?
About Me Hans has a small - Dutch - company. His core business is to help small companies in using IT as an enabler for their core business. So IT should be helping and not a restriction. My rules: I want to focus on a few products. Because there are …
Vendor Interview: Mandeep Singh from Mandeeps
This is an interview I have recorded with Mandeep Singh from His most popular modules are Live Blog and Live Tabs, but lately Mandeeps has gotten a lot of traction with their theme called Porto, at this point going head to head for the top spot on the Top Selling Themes in the DNN Store.
Announcing the Evoq Preferred Products Program
You may have noticed a new page (and badge) on the DNN Store – we are excited to announce our  Evoq Preferred Products Program . The DNN Store is a marketplace for 3rd party solutions and has largely relied on customer reviews and conversations …
Go beyond static: How to add automagic to DNN's role system
Without doubt, DNN's role system is a powerful means for customising your site's content. The visibility of every single module on your pages can be configured on the basis of roles. By employing the technique, you can easily display additional content for super users, display some relevant information for your sellers, or hide products already bought from customers on your e-commerce website. But there is one central limitation.
Vendor Interview: Horacio Judeikin from Evotiva
This is an interview I have recorded with Horacio Judeikin from Evotiva. He is a well-known and respected seller and he's behind a great utility module called DNNBackup and the storage provider DNNGlobalStorage among others.
​ An Update in Terminology: DNN Skins become DNN Themes
Have you noticed the change on the DNN Store? Last week, we updated the terminology on the Store to reflect a change from “skin” to “theme.” The main reason for this change is to make it simpler and more intuitive for DNN users to find the products they …
Want to Attend DNNCon? Convince the Boss!
Anyone that has been to DNNCon will tell you it is the best way to stay on top of what is happening in the DNN Community. If you’re having a hard time convincing the boss to send you, we have come up with the top 8 reasons to attend. Top 8 Reasons your …
You are the one, are you?
Become a real member of the DNN Community. Participate, learn and share.
Vendor Interview: Kelly Ford from
This is an interview I have recorded with Kelly Ford from His famous module is called xMod Pro and it is the 2nd module with the with most revenue of all times on the DNN Store!
Have you tried these free DNN Modules?
In his blog a few weeks ago, Chris Hammond explained several reasons to list your free/open source extensions on the DNN Store , and we agree!  It is our opinion that the more quality products that are available for Store users, the better - …