Blog posts of '2014' 'April'

3 Features Every DNN Module Must Have
DNN has always had a myriad of extensions to meet almost anybusiness requirements. So many that it’s always a challenge to decide on one modulefrom many competing products. Consider the following checklist before clicking on “Checkout”for your next DNN …
5 Tips for Choosing the Right E-Commerce Module
One of the primary reasons for any business to have a website is to earn money. Sometimes this act of earning money is indirect, such as generating a lead or building a brand presence. However, the other case is far more direct indeed – you want to sell products and/or services of some kind. In the latter, you will need some kind of e-commerce solution to manage transactions, products, promotions, and more.
Better than a Wish List: Your DNN Store Watch List
Every so often, we receive a request from a DNN Store customer to add a Wish List to the Store; what these customers don’t realize is that we currently have something more powerful than a simple Wish List – A Watch List . I’d like to bring this unique …
Reviewing Your Purchases: Creating reviews benefits customers, vendors, and yourself
More and more, customers of online stores rely on product reviews when making purchases. They look to others’ experiences when making choices about what to buy, and this is no different for DNN Store Customers, who look to reviews to answer questions …