Better than a Wish List: Your DNN Store Watch List

Every so often, we receive a request from a DNN Store customer to add a Wish List to the Store; what these customers don’t realize is that we currently have something more powerful than a simple Wish List – A Watch List. I’d like to bring this unique feature to the attention to our users, and hope you all will find it useful!

Store users can utilize the Watch List to keep track of products they are interested in, receive notifications of new releases or price changes, and can create categories for these items. To manage your Watch List, select My Watch List under the My Account tab.

Here you can manage your Watch List and create categories for the items you are watching. If you work for a website development company and are managing several projects, this may be of particular use to you. Create a category for each client/project you are working on, and add the products that will meet their requirements to that category.

Each product listing contains an “Add to Watch List” link, and selecting this will allow you to watch the product, assign it to a Watch Category, and even create notes about that product – what specific requirements it meets, any further questions you have about the product, features on its road map that you are waiting for, etc.

Once a product has been added to your Watch List, you will receive email notification when new versions of that product are released, or when the price has changed.

Whether you’re anticipating the release of a new version, tracking a module’s price, or building product lists for clients, we’d love to hear how you are using the Watch List. What products are you watching?

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4/26/2014 12:51 PM
Hi Beth,<br /><br />I was not aware of a Watch List feature on the Store. Great call bringing that to our attention!<br /><br />But I don't think that fulfills the need of a "Wish List". Isn't is a "Wish List" a list of modules/features I wish they existed and they don't (or I was not able to find)?<br /><br />I think this would provide valuable information to sellers to see what is in demand. This do seem like a valuable tool for both buyers and sellers.<br /><br />My 2 cents.<br /><br />Cheers,<br />Aderson