Have you tried these free DNN Modules?

In his blog a few weeks ago, Chris Hammond explained several reasons to list your free/open source extensions on the DNN Store, and we agree!  It is our opinion that the more quality products that are available for Store users, the better - regardless of price!  Although a higher price point may indicate a more robust feature set or priority support, many Store customers are looking for a simple extension that accomplishes a specific need, which can often be met with a product that is free on the Store. Here are a few we'd like to bring your attention to:

  1. DNNCHAT, a chat module for DNN 7, provides an interface for your site's users to interact.  You can find a demo of the module in action at
  2. HammerFlex is a responsive skin for DNN 7 using Bootstrap V3.1.1.  You can see it in use on the following sites:,, and  
  3. Quickly set up a feature rich discussion forum on your DNN site with Active Forums.

  4. The mission of 2sxc 6.3.3 is to "empower the content-editor to create great content" while saving the designer "a bunch of time and money."  How  does 2sxc do that?  It allows the designer to create apps and templates with placeholders, which a content-editor can fill in later.  Follow the previous link to learn more!
  5. Carrousel Flow Gallery is a free image gallery module.  Now on V5.4, it has been around and receiving good reviews for several years.  Here are a few things happy users have to say: "Works great! Simple, compact, and effective." and "I was looking for a gallery module and I tried all the free modules and to be honest, this is the best and [most] complete one I tried."
  6. Unisols Social Sharing, an easy to use and customize module, injects AddThis sharing buttons into your DNN pages.

  7. Aspose .NET Word Processing and PDF Document Exporter for DNN allows users to export online content into a Word or PDF document using Aspose.Words by adding "Export to Word" and "Export to Pdf" buttons to any location on the page.
  8. Designed to be used by organizations when conducting interviews, Online Test enables authorized users to create tests and set time limits during which the test must be completed.

Any of these solutions look interesting?  Follow their links to learn more, and then give them a try; after all, they're free!

There are also a few vendors who offer free add-ons for products sold on the Store.  DNN Sharp has several free modules, including templates for Action Form, while DNNDev has made available many free Module Kits for XMod Pro, such as a Feedback form with CAPTCHA, Calendar, and Image Slider.

Don't see what you're looking for?  Check the DNN Forge for additional open source extensions, or take a look at these related articles for other product suggestions:

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9/25/2014 11:06 AM
Thanks Beth. This is a great summary of some good quality free modules & skins!
9/25/2014 2:01 PM
Thanks for this post.  I have a requirement to "export to pdf" so will certainly be looking at the Aspose module!  Four of the other modules are on my list of very useful modules.
9/26/2014 11:20 AM
<a href='' post-context='20' class='comment-context'>@Tom Berryhill</a> Thanks for the feedback!  If you are using any of these modules (or do in the future), please leave a review to let other Store customers know about your experience!
9/26/2014 11:21 AM
<a href='' post-context='21' class='comment-context'>@Joseph Craig</a> Glad this post was helpful!  If there's anything else you'd like to see written about here on the Store blog, please let me know!