Announcing the Evoq Preferred Products Program

You may have noticed a new page (and badge) on the DNN Store – we are excited to announce our Evoq Preferred Products Program. The DNN Store is a marketplace for 3rd party solutions and has largely relied on customer reviews and conversations within the DNN Community to promote those products.  However, with the large number of products available on the Store, we recognize the need for developers to find ways to continue to differentiate their products in the marketplace, and the Evoq Preferred Products Program has been created to provide this opportunity.

Evoq Preferred Products have been tested to ensure a basic level of quality and compatibility with DNN. Furthermore, the developers of these products have a history of quality customer support and of creating mature products for the DNN ecosystem.  Our initial group of included modules and themes was identified by DNN Corp. employees and feedback from customers.  The developers of these products are assisting us as we solidify the details of the program and the testing process, and in the future, we will be adding more qualifying products to the program. 

Please note that we are in no way saying these products are the only quality products available.  This is just the beginning of a program that will (1) Allow module and theme developers a way to distinguish themselves in the marketplace by providing top quality products and support to the Community of DNN Platform and Evoq customers, and (2) Enable customers to purchase with greater confidence.  We continue to encourage Store customers to read reviews, contact developers with presale questions, and take advantage of free trials when choosing solutions to extend their DNN sites. 

If you are interested in having your modules and themes included in the Evoq Preferred Products Program, please contact [email protected] with the following information:

  1. The URL of the product you wish to have included in the program
  2. Links to any other product listing pages you have for this product (on your own website, for example)
  3. Whether you are using/intend to use the DNN Store Helpdesk to handle customer support, or, if not, the URL and a description of the help desk system you use
  4. Please attach results of Extension Verification Service (EVS) testing. The package must not have Errors and must be marked Azure compatible. If you have questions about EVS results, please let us know.

If you have questions or suggestions, please contact [email protected].

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4/16/2015 2:56 PM
Beth, thanks for all the hard work in setting up this program!  We are very interested in getting our products up to par for Evoq.  How do we obtain a copy of Evoq for development purposes?  Even if it is an unlicensed yet functional copy, that would be awesome.  Thanks in advance for your response!<br /><br />David