A Dnn Module that helps with basic SEO of your Dnn website

DnnC SEO ToolBoxSEO for your website is one of the most important of the tasks when promoting your or your client’s websites. It can be very time consuming and tedious to do and is a never-ending task!

When we create sites for a client we found that it took allot of time to organize and add/change data for SEO, changing from 1 admin page to another, making sure that we used the correct amount of characters for the metadata, finding the right keywords, making sure that there was not in-line styling, image alt tags are used correctly, and the list goes on, so we thought we would make it easy and faster by creating the DnnC SEO Toolbox. All basic SEO tasks in 1 place that is easy to use and undeerstand, visually seeing what you have done and have not and help with keywords and metadata.

So what did we end up with? The DnnC SEO ToolBox!

What can you do with the DnnC SEO ToolBox?, allot and you can do it quickly in 1 place.

For MetaData:

  • A tree view of all pages allowing you to see at a glance what pages have what metadata filled by using color coded icons.
  • A preview of how your site will be displayed in the Google results
  • A live counter of characters for the page title, meta description and keywords which can be set via the module settings. When you type text the counter automatically counts how many character you have used and give a signal when you reach the maximum.
  • Added a keywords suggestion tool to help with keywords. When you type a word, the tool will suggest accompanying suggestions.
  • Added a page friendly url changer for your URL’s of pages.

For SiteMaps:

  • A preview of the xml sitemap for the search engines
  • Settings for including hidden pages, page level based priorities, minimum priority for pages, excluding URL’s with a priority of…, and caching of the sitemap.
  • Submission of the sitemap to Google and Bing
  • A direct access button to go to your Google Webmaster tools and Bing webmaster tools accounts.
  • A verification code input field to verify your site.

Site Submission:

  • All the links are supplied to submit or site to Google and Bing, the URL fields will be automatically inserted into the appropriate boxes of Google and Bing.
  • Direct access to your webmaster tools accounts for Bing and Google.

SEO Analyzer:

  • A tree view of all pages for directly analyzing of all pages on your site.
  • Things that the module analyzes include:
    • Checking for the Page title tags and the length of the title
    • Checking for a meta description tab and the length
    • Checking for a keywords tag and its length
    • Checking all images for the existence of an ‘alt’ tag
    • Checking for in-line style tags
    • H1, H2, H3 tags and if they are being used or not.
  • All results give feedback on possible fixes and what you should do to improve on the results.

Google Analytics:

  • Give a place to add your Google Analytics codes and tags

Robot text editor:

  • A robot text editor to allow you to quickly change your robottext with various helpers to and to your robottext file.
  • Its quick to setup basic SEO for pages and the website.
  • It’s all in 1 place
  • It’s easy to use and understand
  • It informative with results
  • And helps with SEO for you and your client’s website

This tool allows us to quickly setup the basic settings for SEO on our client’s websites, then hand it over to the client to continue to tweak the SEO settings of their website without worrying.

To find out more, please visit the DnnC SEO Toolbox page and read more.

You will also find a link to download a demo (click here) Give the demo a go, see what you think!

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