DNN Sharp Challenge: Faster Website or $1,000

We have the fastest most secure hosting for DNN at competitive pricing. Period. We call it Plant an App. Our idea at DNN Sharp was to create a service that includes VPS hosting, licensing, security and full support all around these. And it’s not just a service. We geeked on it until it became our obsession. You can now focus on growing your business while we maintain a solid technical foundation for you.

People become skeptical hearing us say it’s so fast. So here’s the deal: if we’re wrong then you get $1,000 (yes, that’s one thousand US$) that you can use to acquire any of our DNN Sharp products. But if we’re right, you commit to host your website with us. In terms of costs, we’ll either sign you up on our standard plan of $120/mo with Web Sharp licensing or create a custom plan that matches what you’re currently paying.

Before taking this challenge, make sure to also check our Security Specification and Performance Analysis.


We require the following information to be able to conduct the performance analysis:

  • A copy of the website files and database
  • A link to where the website is currently hosted
  • Current website setup (dedicated/VPS/shared hosting)
  • The price you are currently paying. We will keep this information confidential. It will help create a hosting plan that is comparable in terms of pricing if it doesn’t fit in our standard packages.
  • Instructions on setting up the copy of the website if needed.

Please send the above information via email to [email protected].

How will we measure performance

In order to determine the performance gain, the following tools will be used:

Both the live and the cloned website will be warmed up before running tests with these tools. Measuring results also means running the tests multiple times, eliminating results that are far of (which usually are an indication of something exceptional happening on the systems) and choosing best averages.

How will we measure the security enhancements

Security is also nearly always increased on Plant an App infrastructure. Although this campaign is focused on performance indicators, it will be good for you to know that the security is also enhanced.

The following steps will be involved in determining if security has improved:

  • Port scan to see how well the server is protected
  • Analysis of the SSL certificates
  • Analysis of Security Patches
  • Analysis of DDoS protection capabilities

Ready to take on this challenge?

Read full Terms and Conditions and email us at [email protected].

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Thanks for posting... interesting concept!