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DNN Sharp Challenge: Faster Website or $1,000
We have the fastest most secure hosting for DNN at competitive pricing. Period. We call it Plant an App. Our idea at DNN Sharp was to create a service that includes VPS hosting, licensing, security and full support all around these. And it’s not just a service. We geeked on it until it became our obsession. You can now focus on growing your business while we maintain a solid technical foundation for you. So here's the challenge: we'll make your website faster or give you a $1000 voucher...
Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your DNN Modules Up To Date
Even though new versions of DNN modules are constantly released, too many module users still use older versions. Why? Well, maybe because they need concrete arguments to justify the price, time, or fear of the unknown, other than the usual “because it’s a new better version.”Therefore, I have put together 6 reasons (in no particular order) why DNNizens should update their modules.