Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your DNN Modules Up To Date

We all know that modules are a major part of why DNN powers thousands of websites around the world. The ability to extend DNN to meet just about any need is a powerful motivator for choosing DNN over other alternatives.

With over 1000 DNN modules listed in DNN Store alone, there’s no question that the modules arguably are the most powerful tool in DNN’s toolbox.


Any good software releases upgrades on a regular schedule with the basic purpose of fixing bugs and adding new features. DNN modules are no exception…

A DNN Module Is Not An Egyptian Pyramid

It’s true! You build the pyramid and there it is, a lovely structure of stone. It's done. It can endure for millennia.

By contrast, a DNN module is never done. Because of the dynamic nature of web, where technologies are changing rapidly, DNN modules also must evolve, whether that means new features, less bloat, or both.

Even though new versions of DNN modules are constantly released, too many module users still use older versions. Why? Well, maybe because they need concrete arguments to justify the price, time, or fear of the unknown, other than the usual “because it’s a new better version.”

Therefore, I have put together 6 reasons (in no particular order) why DNNizens should update their modules.

Added Functionality

If we take a look at some popular modules in DNN Store, the contrast between the early versions of them and the latest versions is stark; early versions were simple with very limited functionality, while the latest versions can be moulded to create incredibly cool stuff.

Just take a look at EasyDNNnews module by EasyDNNsolutions or SunBlogNuke module by…

A perfect example is also the popular Action Form module. The initial release was barebones containing only the minimal amount of features needed to create simple forms. Updates to the modules have greatly expanded on this idea, adding innumerable powerful features, integrations with external services and much more.

Many of the present day features of these DNN modules that we take for granted were introduced gradually, many of them based on customers' feedback.

So if you neglect to update your DNN modules to the latest version, you might miss out on a number of useful, new features and added functionality.

Bugs And Security Fixes

We all know that any software that is as popular as DNN will become a target for hackers. DNN modules are susceptible to bugs and security issues, too. Unfortunately, sometimes a bug will be found that hackers can use to their advantage to access and/or deface a DNN portal.

Most of DNN module developers are quick to react to these security exploits, releasing an update containing a quick fix for the problem. In this way, the sites that continue to run the old versions of a fixed DNN module will still be susceptible to attacks from savvy hackers, who abuse the security hole.

So make sure to update your DNN modules regularly to minimise the number of bugs in it and to keep your DNN portal safe against potential attacks from hackers.

Better Performances

Not only do updates to your DNN modules provide extra security measures, but they also just provide a better functioning system. Over time and with added use on the market, small glitches may be discovered that inversely affect performance. Once these issues are fixed, your modules may seem cleaner and faster performing, depending on the fix needed.

Continued Development and Updates

Module developers usually continue to update their modules’ coding to improve the overall design to keep up with current web trends.

They will also keep the modules up to date with the latest release of DNN. This ensures that you won’t get stuck with an incompatible module down the path and no chance of getting any help (when you have active customers and members, this is a situation you DO NOT want to get into).

Customer Support

Developers offering DNN modules tend to stand behind their modules and provide good customer support for a determined period of time. It won’t last forever. An update will be required then to keep the same level of service. The developer can’t really stand behind his modules and answer your questions if he is not getting paid in some way.

Competitive Edge

The updated versions of most of DNN modules usually offer more functionality and superior back-end usability. This can give you an immediate advantage over your competitors.

If your competitor is using the latest version of a DNN module and you are only using an older version (knowing that the latest version is better), then you need to acknowledge that your competitor has better tools than you do. It is hard to win against an opponent who has superior technology!


Updating your DNN modules may necessitate time or money. However, it will be worth it in terms of security and efficiency. And while you may be perfectly content with the features of the current version of your DNN modules, the new versions might have some additional features that you and your visitors will appreciate.

So, DNNizens, make sure to update your DNN modules in order to have the most recent, best performing, and most secure version in use for your website. It is more than beneficial to do so – It is just plain smart, especially for those wanting to use the modules to build a business web presence.

Thankfully, the discussion does not end with me. Now it’s your turn. I’d love to have your thoughts on this!

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