DNN Store Blogging Guidelines


The DNN Store Blog should be a place where extension creators (both open source and paid products) can share information about new products, new releases, new services, offerings, promotionals, and timely information related to their products.

In order to ensure quality content, consistency, and to keep the direction and spirit of the blog in line I’m sharing some guidelines for posting your content on the DNN Store blog. The following guidelines will help ensure the blogs are a source of quality information for our ecosystem:


  • Complete your vendor bio so that readers can learn more about you and/or your organization
  • Incorporate links to your products/services on the store in the blogs
    • Be clear about the destination of the link.
  • Include a summary (it’s required)
  • Include a summary image
  • Include images, screenshots, and visual queues in your blogs
  • Blogging about Open Source modules is acceptable and encouraged


  • Speak negatively about any other vendors or products
  • Post more than 2 posts about a single extension, product, or service per month

These guidelines will be updated as needed to ensure the store blog is being used as intended.

Are you an extension creator and want to blog on the store? Send an email to [email protected] and we’ll get it lined up.

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