Azure Compatibility for DNN Store Modules

Beginning with DNN 6.0, all editions and versions of DNN have included support for Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform. As more and more DNN sites are hosted on Microsoft Azure, it has become important that DNN extensions are also Azure compatible. The goals of this brief article are to: 

  1. Highlight how DNN Store customers can determine if a module is Azure compatible, and 
  2. Instruct DNN Store vendors how to obtain certification of Azure compatibility for their DNN Store extensions.

DNN Store customers can determine if a module has been tested for Azure compatibility by looking in the top section on the right hand side of the product’s listing. If a module has been determined to be Azure compatible, an “Azure Compatible” badge will display, as pictured below.

If a module has not been tested for Azure compatibility, the section will indicate “Unknown Compatibility,” as follows:

Azure compatible modules on the DNN Store include:

DNN Store Sellers, if you have a module that you would like to be certified as Azure compatible, please take the following steps:

  1. Verify the extension through EVS (Extension Verification Service)
    1. Note: To learn more about EVS, take a look at these blogs: Extension Verification Service (EVS) and Extension Verification Service (EVS) Update
  2. Contact DNN Store Staff through the helpdesk or [email protected] to have the module installed on an Azure test site. DNN Store Staff will test the module and let you know if any errors result. If everything checks out, the Azure compatibility badge will be updated.

Take a look at the following links for additional information on DNN and Microsoft Azure:

Let us know if you have any questions. Are there any module you’d like to see become Azure compatible? Are you successfully using any DNN Store products on an Azure hosted site?

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