Vendor Interview: Ian Sampson from Glanton Solutions

Glanton Solutions

This is an interview I have recorded with Ian Sampson, the Technical Director and co-founder of Glanton Solutions. They are well-known on the DNN space for their knowledge and expertise on Active Directory integration with DNN and they have created a bundle of products around that, which is already part of the Evoq Preferred Products list.

During the interview we have discussed about DNN in context with Enterprise Software and how they help mid and large size corporations by being their DNN implementation partners. He name-dropped a few very recognizable brands and organizations that use their products and services including Harvard, BP and the US Department of Defense.

Check out this video interview and get to know more about Ian and Glanton Solutions. We have talked about the evolution of DNN and what they are most excited about the soon to be released Evoq 8.

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1/28/2015 5:36 PM
Thanks for the opportunity to find out more about Glanton, what we do, our modules and our thoughts for the future. To make it easier, here's a quick breakdown of the video:<br />0:00 - All about Glanton, our history and how we operate.<br />8:40 - Our approach to our AD-Pro Active Directory modules<br />11:45 - On being a DNN Software Partner<br />13:00 About Active Directory authentication and the identity lifecycle  of a user in DNN<br />20:45 Setting up AD-Pro modules and other modules in the suite<br />24:44 Why use our AD-Pro modules<br />28:48 Future trends including ADFS, SAML and CRM (including Salesforce)<br />33:39 DNN in 2015 and Evoq8<br />38:24 Our approach to module licensing<br /><br />If you have any questions at all about DNN and Active Directory or identity management, we'd love to help. (
1/31/2015 9:12 AM
<a href='' post-context='37' class='comment-context'>@Glanton Solutions</a> great idea! I will be providing a breakdown for the next videos. Thanks!