Vendor Interview: David Smith from Smith Consulting

Smith Consulting

This is an interview I have recorded with David Smith, the president of Smith Consulting. They have created a very popular ecommerce solution for DNN called SmithCart which is already included within the "Evoq Preferred Products" list.

During the interview I have asked about some examples of websites that are using their ecommerce module and here are a few of them that really showcase what can be done with SmithCart:

  • Nature's Sleep - A global manufacturer and distributor of specialty sleep products.
  • SPEMCO - Specialties manufacturing company.

Check out this video interview and get to know more about David and his company Smith Consulting. We have talked a lot about many different aspects of the current state of ecommerce, online payments in general and new trends. He was also very insightful regarding my questions about PCI compliance, its requirements and business implications. I'm sure you will pick some great nuggets of information about ecommerce from our conversation. I, for one, picked up quite a lot!

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