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Vendor Interview: Will Morgenweck from DNN Corp.
This is an interview I have recorded with Will Morgenweck, the VP of Product Management for DNN Corp. He was the founder of Active Modules which was acquired by DNN Corp. back in 2011. Back then, he had created very popular social modules including Active Forums and Active Social.
Vendor Interview: Ian Sampson from Glanton Solutions
This is an interview I have recorded with Ian Sampson, the Technical Director and co-founder of Glanton Solutions. They are well-known on the DNN space for their knowledge and expertise on Active Directory integration with DNN and they have created a bundle of products around that, which is already part of the Evoq Preferred Products list.
Vendor Interview: David Smith from Smith Consulting
This is an interview I have recorded with David Smith, the president of Smith Consulting. They have created a very popular ecommerce solution for DNN called SmithCart which is already included within the "Evoq Preferred Products" list.
Vendor Interview: Mandeep Singh from Mandeeps
This is an interview I have recorded with Mandeep Singh from His most popular modules are Live Blog and Live Tabs, but lately Mandeeps has gotten a lot of traction with their theme called Porto, at this point going head to head for the top spot on the Top Selling Themes in the DNN Store.
Vendor Interview: Kelly Ford from
This is an interview I have recorded with Kelly Ford from His famous module is called xMod Pro and it is the 2nd module with the with most revenue of all times on the DNN Store!
Vendor Interview: Bogdan Litescu from
This is an interview I have recorded with Bogdan Litescu from One of his modules, Action Form, is amongst the top selling modules on the DNN Store and his modules have become quite popular with the more technical users in the DNN ecosystem.
Vendor Profile:
This week we talked with Mandeep Singh of , developer of highly-rated and top-selling products like Live Content , Live Blog , and Porto Skin .  Keep reading below as he answers questions about's products, experience with …
Vendor Profile: EasyDNNsolutions
Damir Kapustic of EasyDNNsolutions, creator of several of the top modules on the DNN Store, answers questions about EasyDNNsolutions’ experience with DNN, the products they develop, advice for DNN users, and more!