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This week we talked with Mandeep Singh of, developer of highly-rated and top-selling products like Live Content, Live Blog, and Porto Skin.  Keep reading below as he answers questions about's products, experience with DNN, and more.

Describe your professional (and/or personal) experience relating to DNN. How long have you been using/developing for DNN?

We’ve been using DNN since IBuySpy Portal days, and our first module was offered for sale on in 2004. Since then, we’ve been developing extensions for DNN Platform.

What first brought you to DNN, and what has kept you actively developing products for the community?
In early 2000’s, my personal website was running on PHPNuke, and I was looking to migrate to an ASP.NET solution. DNN seemed like a great choice with an ever growing community. I introduced DNN to a Warehouse Management company and started writing custom extensions for it, which eventually led to commercial module development. We’ve been passionately developing extensions since then because the DNN community continues to grow stronger every year.

Tell us a little about the products you develop

Our DNN Modules include Content Management, Content Publishing, Content Approval Workflow, Email Delivery, and several utility modules. We also offer some of the bestselling DNN Skins.  (Pictured below is Porto Skin, currently the top selling skin on the DNN Store.)

If you were to tell a potential customer why they should purchase your products, what would you say?
Take our product for a spin – try out a fully functional demo, and let our products speak for themselves. Our products are fully featured, intuitively easy to use, and we back that with exceptional support when you need it.  (Pictured below are a few recent reviews for's products.)

Can you tell us a little about your development process and how you decide what to include in new releases. Do you have any plans for new features or products you can tell us about?
Our development process is mostly community driven. Most of the new features are requested by our clients which are added to new releases. We also keep in sync with the latest technologies and continuously update our products. We have several new modules and skins in the pipeline. We’re working on a new Slider module for which we’ve partnered with one of the leading vendors in Web/Animation domain. We also have a Forms module coming up to complete our DNN Essentials collection. Pair our collection with one of our skins and you have a complete functional website in minutes.

What advice would you offer someone who is creating a DNN site? offers immense resources to get you started. Master the basics including administration and content management, and then head over to DNN Store to extend your site. Be sure to pick a good hosting company such as PowerDNN that can assist you along the way.

What advice would you offer someone who is interested in developing modules/skins for DNN?
DNN has an exceptionally passionate community that’s eager to assist. Start by reading numerous blogs & tutorials that are available all over the web. There are numerous development templates that can get you started. Head over to DNN Forums when you have a question, and the community would be happy to assist. Reach out to us if you have questions, need help with development or training, and we’ll be happy to guide you as well.

Thanks, Mandeep, for taking the time to answer our questions!  Store users, do you have any additional questions for Mandeep?  Use the comments below to learn more!

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