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Have you tried these free DNN Modules?
In his blog a few weeks ago, Chris Hammond explained several reasons to list your free/open source extensions on the DNN Store , and we agree!  It is our opinion that the more quality products that are available for Store users, the better - …
Vendor Interview: Bogdan Litescu from
This is an interview I have recorded with Bogdan Litescu from One of his modules, Action Form, is amongst the top selling modules on the DNN Store and his modules have become quite popular with the more technical users in the DNN ecosystem.
Why should you list your open source extensions on the DNN Store?
<p>One of the best things I love about the DNN platform is the ease of building, releasing, and updating Extensions for your website. If you need custom functionality you can either build something yourself, or likely find something that someone else has developed previously that might fit your needs. </p><p>If you are an extension developer for DNN (previously DotNetNuke), you have many options for how you can get those modules into the hands of potential customers. If you want to get your modules into the hands of as many different users as possible, you can’t just stick to one distribution mechanism, you need to reach out and try to get your extension available in as many places as possible.</p>
Vendor Profile:
This week we talked with Mandeep Singh of , developer of highly-rated and top-selling products like Live Content , Live Blog , and Porto Skin .  Keep reading below as he answers questions about's products, experience with …
Module Performance: Set Yourself Apart
With a plethora of modules on the market today, it is often hard for users to select the "right one" for their solution. Help yourself, and help your customers by setting your modules apart in one of the most important ways, performance. Not all DNN sites are large, not all DNN sites are small, that's the beauty of the platform. However, many modules & vendors ignore this major difference. Lets look as some simple tips & tricks to help us set our modules apart.
Reviewing Your Purchases: Creating reviews benefits customers, vendors, and yourself
More and more, customers of online stores rely on product reviews when making purchases. They look to others’ experiences when making choices about what to buy, and this is no different for DNN Store Customers, who look to reviews to answer questions …
Try Them Before you Buy Them: 5 modules that offer free trials
Welcome to the DNN Store Blog!   We hope this blog will become a resource for Store sellers, customers, and the DNN Community as a whole by providing information about products sold here, the sellers who develop them, and the community that uses …
​ Bang for Your Buck: 5 Highly-Rated Modules for $50 or Less
Last week we looked at 5 modules that offered free trials; another option if you’re new to DNN and not ready to spend too much money but still want to add valuable features to your site (or if you’re just working with a limited budget), is to purchase …