Try Them Before you Buy Them: 5 modules that offer free trials

Welcome to the DNN Store Blog!  We hope this blog will become a resource for Store sellers, customers, and the DNN Community as a whole by providing information about products sold here, the sellers who develop them, and the community that uses them.  If there is anything you'd like to read about, please contact us at [email protected].  We would also like to encourage you to use the comments to communicate with Store Staff, sellers, customers, and community members. 

You may have read 3 Simple Criteria for Choosing Modules at the DNN Store from our company blog last week, and we'd like to expand on that in our first few Store Blog posts with a few suggestions when purchasing from the Store:

Let's say you’ve looked at the demo sites; you’ve read customer reviews; you’ve e-mailed developers to ask questions, but you’re still undecided which solution you want to purchase. Or maybe you’re thinking about adding a feature to your site, but not 100% sure yet. Does this sound familiar? If so, this is where free trails come into play, and many products sold on the DNN Store offer free trials. Here we’ll highlight a few:

  1. Canam Wiki – Designed for information collaboration, both the Standard and Pro editions of this module offer 30 day free trials. With features that include DNN Search integration, tags/categories, WYSIWYG editor, comments, export/import, and footnotes, one customer reviewed this wiki module as “powerful and flexible” and commented that, “It's been easy to customize and organize. We've uploaded and adapted content from Word files, other wikis and web pages without any problems at all.”
  2. Two popular modules by developer DNN Specialists also offer 30 day free trials:
    1. The Reservations Module – Developed for online appointment booking/scheduling, this feature-rich module can be utilized for booking Doctor or salon appointments, meeting rooms, renting equipment, hotel rooms, and cars, or scheduling and prepaying for consulting hours. PayPal integration allows users to pay when making the reservation, and customizable features allow this module to meet a variety of needs.

    2. The Help Desk Module – Used for creation and management of support requests, this module’s features include attachments, ability to export to CSV, categories and subcategories, customizable e-mail notifications, role-based functionality, comments, and much more!
  3. Form Master NextGEN – Giving it a 5-star review, one user of this popular forms module wrote, “Love Form Master. I've been building websites for years and rely on Form Master for nearly all of them.” With its 30 day trial, you can test out features that include cascading drop down lists, multi-page wizard style entry forms, features for data validation and management, file uploading and handling, e-mailing, and much more.
  4. Actravia - A toolkit for event registration & payment management, Actravia is an ideal solution for schools, businesses, sports associations, or other membership organizations. With many features for events registration and CRM, you can download a 30 day evaluation edition for free.

Are you looking for a solution similar to any of those listed above? Follow the links to their product listings to download a free trial today, and let us know what you think!

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