​ Bang for Your Buck: 5 Highly-Rated Modules for $50 or Less

Last week we looked at 5 modules that offered free trials; another option if you’re new to DNN and not ready to spend too much money but still want to add valuable features to your site (or if you’re just working with a limited budget), is to purchase some of the less expensive modules. Here are 5 that have proved to be very useful to their customers:

  1. Priced at only $19.00, Users, Roles, Membership Admin Tool is a low-cost user management module with features that include a user switcher, the ability to import and export users and roles with Excel, CSV, and XML, the ability to display a list of users from A to Z or by role, and the ability to search by role, username, email, first name, and last name. One reviewer commented, “It’s a must have module. It is so easy to navigate in, and it makes user and role management so much easier.”
  2. A flexible and simple to use module for managing news on your website, Unisols Simple Articles, costing $29.95, has earned solid reviews not only for the module, but also for the support provided by its developer. With this module, articles can be linked to their own details, to a page or file on your portal, or to an external URL. Other benefits include 6 different styles to show the list of articles, the ability to have multiple instances of the module on the same page, and access to unlimited free updates.
  3. For $49.95, purchase Custom Form Creator and create custom or dynamic email forms. One customer said the following of this popular module: “Excellent form module. Super easy to use and setup. Great for making forms of all forms, appointments, request for proposals etc. Strong support from the vendor too.”

  4. Developed by EasyDNNsolutions, one of the most highly reviewed and top-selling vendors on the DNN Store, EasyDNNmailChimp is a newsletter and email marketing solution, which can be purchased for $49.95 and allows you to integrate your DNN website with MailChimp, a poplar e-mail marketing service. A recent review noted, “This is the way to handle bulk email such as newsletters, alerts, etc.”

  5. Concluding our list is DNNGlobalStorage.  Priced at $50.00, this module expands your DNN storage options and allows for integration with Windows Azure, BOX, Amazon S3, Dropbox, FTP, Windows UNC, Rackspace Cloud Files, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, etc. One customer’s review expressed that, “everyone needs this module. Not only is it easy to set up and manage, it freaking works! The 1st time.”

As you can see, high-quality products don’t always come with a large price tag; you could purchase all the solutions above for less than $200! Customers, what modules have given you the most “bang for your buck"?

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