​ 4 Modules for Managing Media on your DNN Site

Think about all the websites you visit in a day:

  • You may start your morning checking a favorite news site, Facebook, and Twitter.  You read a few articles on the news site, retweet an interesting blog on Twitter, and comment on a friend’s Facebook status.
  • There are unlimited options for the sites you may need to visit at work - you research a competing company; you explore restaurant options to which to take a new client; you search for potential vendors for an upcoming event; you read industry blogs.
  • In your personal time, perhaps you shop for a new pair of running shoes, investigate vacation spots, and search for a contractor to complete an upcoming kitchen renovation.

These are just a few examples.  Most of us will visit dozens of websites every day.  But how do you choose which ones get more attention than others (and thus which restaurant or vendor you select, which shoes you purchase, or which hotel or contractor you choose)?

The site must be attractive and interesting (without being cluttered, as you will need to easily find the content you are looking for).  A few weeks ago, we looked at 5 Tools for Creating and Sharing Content on your DNN Site; this week, we’ll look at 4 modules that can help create visual interest in your site:

The modules below all have an average review of at least 4.9 stars and pass Extension Verification Service (EVS) without error.

  1. EasyDNNgallery, now on version 6.4.5, is an advanced solution for managing and displaying images, video, and audio files.  It can be used for galleries/pages maintained by a web site owner or for community sites, for which users upload their own images. This popular module integrates with EasyDNNnews and EasyDNNrotator and offers a free trial.
  2. Used on over 10,000 DNN sites, Ultra Media Gallery offers many configuration settings and 10 sliders to meet diverse needs.  Customers appreciate the professional appearance, ease of use, and frequent enhancements.

  3. DNNSmart Effect Collection includes 32 image effects in one package, including gallery, banner, slider, and accordion.  Interested DNN users can take advantage of the free trial.
  4. Created by popular developer, Live Gallery allows creation of simple yet powerful image galleries with support for nested albums, drag-n-drop sorting, dynamic image resizing, automatic thumbnails, and more.  You can find out why customers like the one below appreciate this module by downloading the free trial.

Do you use any of these solutions on your website?  Share your experiences in the comments below.What solutions other modules do you recommend for managing media on your DNN site?

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