Providing Feedback through the DNN Store: How the Store can enhance customer and seller communication

As I mentioned in our first DNN Store Blog post, our goal in creating a blog on the DNN Store was that it would “become a resource for Store sellers, customers, and the DNN Community as a whole by providing information about products sold here, the sellers who develop them, and the community that uses them.”

But not only do we want to use this blog as a means of giving valuable information to the community, we also would like to collect information from Store users through the blog; this information will help us better understand our sellers and customers and what we can do to enhance the Store. So, please keep reading, and start commenting, because this blog is all about learning more about you – the DNN Store user!

Let’s consider this scenario: you’re a Store customer, and you have just bought a new module or skin. You’ve installed it on your site, and it’s working well, but as you spend more time using the product, you think: “Wouldn’t it be great if it could do this!” or “The only thing that would make this product better would be that.”

How do you provide this feedback to the product’s developer? Do you create a support ticket with your feature request? Do you leave a review on the Store (as pictured below)?

It is obvious to us that many of the developers who sell products here on the Store care about their customers and the needs and feedback of these customers. Take, for example, ZLDNN to which a customer sent “2-3 suggestions for new features, some of which [were] not really easy” and implemented them all in the next release. 

From customer reviews like the one below, we know that many products keep getting “better and better,” and we know that this requires both customer feedback and developer commitment. What we don’t know is how these conversations most often occur. Customers, please take a minute to comment here about how you communicate your feedback to Store sellers. Sellers, how do you collect suggestions from your customers?

Thinking about a slightly different situation: customers, what do you do if you’re looking for a product that doesn’t exist? One example that comes to mind is a customer who was recently looking for a module to implement on his site with similar functionality as Ebay, where users could send and collect payments from each other. Although there are many ecommerce solutions available on the Store, nothing quite fits the requirements. Vendors, where do you look for ideas for new products? 

As we think about the value of feedback, it’s important to note that understanding the consensus around the feedback is also important, and this is where we would like to step it up a notch. The DNN Store currently offers a few ways to provide a product’s developer with suggestions - the helpdesk and product reviews, but there isn’t a way for vendors to gauge how many customers share the same opinions, or for a conversation to take place around these suggestions.

However, if you’ve seen DNNHero’s May News, you may remember they discussed a public Wish List for the DNN Store, and we agree that this could be a very cool addition. Using the Ideas feature of Evoq Social (also used for the Community Voice on customers would propose ideas, which would then be voted on by other Store users. Ideas could include: 

  • Feature suggestions for existing modules
  • New products DNN Community members would like to see
  • New products DNN Store Sellers are considering creating
  • Enhancements to the Store that sellers and/or customers would like to have implemented

DNN has always thrived on participation from the Community, and we think this could be a great opportunity to foster additional communication among Store customers, sellers, and DNN Community members, so please take a minute to comment on the questions we've explored in this post:

  1. Customers, how do you provide feedback to a product’s developer?  Sellers, how do you collect suggestions from your customers?
  2. Customers, what do you do if you’re looking for a product that doesn’t exist?  Sellers, where do you look for ideas for new products?
  3. Would you like to see a public Wish List implemented on the Store?
  4. Do you already have feature requests, ideas for new products, or improvements to the Store you'd like to share?
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6/4/2014 1:37 PM
We standardize on a handful of modules for our clients in order to keep things simple. We have very close relationships with most of them. Normally, we reach out directly to the module developer to ask for feature requests or to provide feedback. For instance, just recently, our blog developer upgraded the module, and we're very unhappy with the new text editor. We contacted him directly with our concerns.<br /><br />If we are considering bringing on a new module/developer, we submit help desk tickets so that we can track communication.<br /><br />We would be very interested in a public forum to discuss new module ideas or feature requests for existing modules in the store. We use this approach with Ecwid, an e-commerce software as a service that integrates with DNN. The community votes on features that are most important to them. Here is a link to the Ideas community.
6/4/2014 3:37 PM
<a href='' post-context='3' class='comment-context'>@karla shelton</a> Thanks for the feedback; your suggestion of contacting new developers to track communication is great!  It looks like there is a lot of activity within Ideas for Ecwid, and I think this type of conversation among our developers and customers could be very useful for everyone!
6/5/2014 5:06 AM
Hallo Beth, I'm the one who wrote the review for Advanced Biz Map, and I have to say I sent other suggestion for example to TanLD for his contact module to add a "Send me a copy" option and he did in the latest version released yesterday.<br />I asked help to bestdnnskins for a mod to their "Popular" skin and they did at no additional charge.<br />I'm constantly asking/suggesting things to EasyDNN for their news module (which is already incredibly complete by the way).<br />And I'm asking for a new feature to Smoke Ranch Ad Banner Manager to have banners displayed "per-session" (like overlays or interstitial banners).<br /><br />I'm telling you this just to confirm that overall I found the devs extremely responsive to feedback and feature suggestions, far more than I would have thought of. So I guess adding a public feature in the store for this is a very welcom plus.<br /><br />Thanks
6/5/2014 10:59 AM
<a href='' post-context='5' class='comment-context'>@manight</a> Thanks so much for your comments.  It is great to hear that these developers have been so responsive to your suggestions.  Our hope is that a public method for these conversations would facilitate communication among more customers and developers - with positive results for all.  Thanks!
6/5/2014 2:43 PM
I'd like to see a support forum built into the store for each product sold.  Anyone selling on the store would be required to use/respond on THAT forum.<br /><br />I've purchased modules before and tried to get support on the author's website.  I've had my questions go unanswered and even deleted from their forum.  Once I purchased a module and the author deleted the entire forum that dealt with that module because they decided to create an entirely new module to replace it.  Kinda hard to get support when there is not even a place to ask questions about it and no record of it's existence.<br /><br />
6/5/2014 5:11 PM
<a href='' post-context='7' class='comment-context'>@larryeisenstein</a> Thanks for your suggestion.  I definitely see how this could be useful and would also allow customers to help each other for more common problems.  I also want to note, if you have trouble getting in touch with a seller for support (either through their site, or through our Helpdesk, <a rel="nofollow" href=""></a>, please feel free to contact me at [email protected], and I would be glad to contact the seller on your behalf.