​ An Update in Terminology: DNN Skins become DNN Themes

Have you noticed the change on the DNN Store? Last week, we updated the terminology on the Store to reflect a change from “skin” to “theme.”

The main reason for this change is to make it simpler and more intuitive for DNN users to find the products they are looking for. We recognize that although it is often an IT contact who installs a theme on a website, more and more, non-technical users are making the decision on what is purchased, and these users are more familiar with terms like “template” or “theme” than they are with “skin.”

After some internal discussion, we proposed this change to DNN Store vendors during a webinar in September, and it was met with positive feedback. As Store users, a few places you will notice the change include:

  • The navigation on the DNN Store and
  • Tags on the DNN Store
  • Future blogs, newsletters, etc. from the DNN Store and DNN Corp.

We encourage DNN Store customers, vendors, and members of the DNN Community to also adopt this change, as we think it will only help users find the quality products they are looking to use on their DNN sites!

We'd like to thank the vendors who have updated their product listings on the Store to reflect this change.  Here are a few popular DNN themes:

Do you have any questions or feedback? Please use the comments below!

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