Why DNN Partners and Store Vendors are Voting for DNN in the 2014 People’s Choice CMS Awards

As you probably know, DNN has been nominated in the 2014 CMS Critic Awards. In 2013 we were honored to receive several awards:

  • Critic’s Choice Award, Best Social Networking Solution for Evoq Social
  • People’s Choice Award, Best Small to Midsize Business CMS for Evoq Content
  • Runner up, Best Open Source CMS for DNN Platform

Continue this tradition by voting for DNN in the 2014 People's Choice CMS Awards!

Although any award is an honor, the People’s Choice Awards are particularly meaningful, as they represent both the strength and the support of our Community of users.

We are thrilled to have received nominations again this year. DNN Platform is nominated in both the Best Free .NET CMS and Best Open Source .NET CMS categories, while DNN Evoq Content is nominated for the Best Small to Midsize Business .NET CMS. We hope that your experiences with the DNN Platform and Evoq solutions are similar to the Partners and Store Vendors below, who have shared with us why they voted for DNN in the 2014 People’s Choice CMS Awards:

  • “The Evoq Content platform provides a great mix of off-the-shelf functionality and ability to customize so that we can build solutions that are worthy of our clients brands.” - Ron Valentine, Director of Sales, IT
  • “The DNN Platform and Evoq provide a solid and proven platform for all web applications that we develop for clients. DNN has an ecosystem where a tremendous amount of add-ons is available, so we can solve almost every need of customers with standard components.” - Ernst Peter Tamminga, CEO, XCESS
  • “There is not a web application platform that can compare with the flexibility that it provides for any business or website – and it grows with you as your site becomes more successful” – Will Strohl, Director of Product Development, Hotcakes Commerce 
  • "DNN has continued to innovate their product in a way that many CMS platforms that are targeted at small/medium business do not. It is always the go to choice for us when a client needs the power of an Enterprise Capable CMS at a not-so enterprise price." -Sabrina Wall, Director of Account Services, Arrow Consulting & Design 
  • “DNN Platform is hands down the best choice in .NET CMS sphere. It has been our only choice for any web presence for our clients for past 5 years; both open-source and commercially supported variants.” – Mandeep Singh, CEO & Founder,
  • “We voted for DNN because over the last 10 years, it has proven that it is a trustworthy and reliable platform that you can build your business on. The best part about DNN is that it is powered by an absolutely awesome community, which in practical terms that translates into a CMS with mass appeal and a lot of functionalities.
    Speaking of functionalities, there is little chance that you will ever plan to build something that DNN cannot handle. As DNN has been around for a while, it's stable, and DNN fans are fortunate to have many excellent solutions available to extend its functionality. The modules available have multiplied exponentially and have seen phenomenal growth and maturation. DNN is definitely the first stop if you're looking for something that's proven. We would say that DNN can literally change lives. Once a CMS is able to have that kind of an impact, you know that it is truly great." - Ionut Grecu, DNN Sharp
  • “I voted for DNN because it's easy for non-technical admins to manage but truly capable of complex functionality when needed!” - Candace Santos, Data Springs
  • “DNN is the best for developing integrations and customizations and with all the plug-ins and modules available, it makes it even more powerful and flexible.” - Chad Nash, CEO, Data Springs
  • “As a senior DNN developer and provider for DNN products, we think we have the right to say that DNN is clearly an incredible CMS platform for people that want to create an ideal website easily. It’s user friendly, multi-website supporting, easy to install and localize, open source, and has been accepted widely. We would definitely vote for DNN! –DNNGO

As you can see, there are many reasons to vote for DNN! Have you voted yet? Cast your vote here; then use the comments below to tell us why you voted for DNN in the 2014 People’s Choice CMS Awards! And feel free to download the image at the top of this page, make it your profile image on, Twitter, Facebook, etc. and encourage other DNN supporters to vote.

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