Show me your skin?

A new default theme for DNN 7.5?

Good looks is all that matters for a first impression. And that applies for new installs of DNN as well. DNN has done some great and less than great jobs in the past. And now, with DNN 7.5 around the corner, I would like put out a call for action for skin (theme) designers in the community: 

Show off your theme talent by helping us to show off the all new DNN 7.5 release?

We are looking for a Wow! factor for every new install, DNN deserves that. Can you do something for that by showing your talent and by providing an exiting theme? If so, please read on, I have put together some guidelines for such a new theme.


Completely open source - No commercial components can be used, all source must be included so that the theme is freely available for everyone who is interested. 
DNN standard components - Use only standard DNN installed components if possible, base the theme on the components that are distributed with the platform, e.g. the menuing system.
Responsive - That should not be a surprise.
Browser independent - Correctly working on all current browsers.
Install package - Complete DNN extension install package, so that the theme can be easily distributed and installed.
Home, Inner, 404, Admin - At least a Home, Inner and (optional) a 404 and Admin page theme, the theme must be optimal (minimal overhead, maximal screen usage) for admin use as well.
Sample images - Optimized page theme image samples in the theme package.
Current technology - HTML5 compliant, CSS 2.1 or higher compliant, use of the jQuery version supplied with the platform if needed.
Site template with sample pages - In order to get the best impression possible, we advise to create a sample site with 2 pages (home page, inner page) displaying content that only consists of images and Text/HTML modules.
Deadline - Ready April 15, 2015 (to be in line with the planning of the release of 7.5).


Color configurator - An option to configure the theme interactively for changing colors.
Pane configurator - An option to configure the theme interactively for changing the pane layout.

What no to do

No additional components - Do not include additional modules, it is about the theme, not about banners, news modules, galleries, etc.
Advertisement - Do not use the theme you supply as advertisement, the package you supply must be an example of a generic DNN site, see DNN 7.4 default site template as an example.

What we offer in return

Default in 7.5 - Should your theme be selected as the all new version theme, it will in included in the install of DNN 7.5 as default skin.
Recognition - We will include appropriate recognition in the release notes and blogs
Eternal fame - Well, maybe not eternal, but for some time for sure.


If you are interested, just create your splendid theme and submit the install package with all source to me (ernstpeter.tamminga AT If you have an existing theme that you think is a real candidate, that is OK as well. 

Any questions left? Ping me at my twitter account (@ernst_peter). 

Please note: you must be willing to sign a Contributor License Agreement. A great way to make all source available is to have your theme as a project on CodePlex or a repository on GitHub, both under the rules of a MIT license. If you need any help with this I can assist you.

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