Picture of Responsive Testimonials (73 Template)

Responsive Testimonials (73 Template)

posted by DnnDeveloper.In - 08/04/2020

DnnDeveloper Testimonial helps you manage and show your customer’s testimonial on your DNN portal. It has more than 70 HTML/style template that can be used to bind your testimonial data. It’s quite easy and simple to configure and set the item per slide, transition style, navigations, pagination, etc. You can change the HTML and CSS file through the Module Develop feature in case need to adjust the content or styles.

Testimonials Module by DnnDeveloper.In

  • Create the responsive Testimonial with the inbuilt template/layout
  • Responsive Testimonial with saparate set of HTML and Styles
  • Show / Hide pagination icons
  • Change the Transition styles (Only applicable for the single item mode)
  • Enable stop on mouse hover
  • Show / Hide navigation icons
  • Set Auto Play and speed to play/change slides
  • Set the number of slides to show on desktop










Below images are just for the basic idea/demonstration of how it can look however; styles may be different for the module as some page in the image has page background color applied looks different with module. www.DnnDeveloper.In



Email: [email protected] 

Compatible with DNN Version 6.X 7.X, 8.X, 9.X 
Testimonials LIVE Demo (EDIT)