Picture of PureSecICT SmartAnnouncements 01.01.06 with FREE Trial

PureSecICT SmartAnnouncements 01.01.06 with FREE Trial

posted by Puresec ICT - 09/20/2019

PureSec ICT has built a suite of quality modules for DNN that are commonplace on most websites. Checkout our website for details on all our modules.

Smart Announce allows you to display news or announcement items on your website with a summary version that links to the full version elsewhere on the site.


  • Adding, viewing and authorising items can be controlled via module settings
  • Control the number of columns displayed
  • Optionally display images and 0 or more attachments
  • Link to a URL, Page or File on your site
  • Customise field titles and indicate which fields to enable and display
  • Indicate whether users can submit items or limit this functionality to administrators
  • Includes CAPTCHA
  • In summary/random mode - display items from any or all other Smart Announce modules on the portal
  • No need to import items into summary/random module - records update automatically as they are added
  • Import existing items directly from standard DNN Announcements Module
  • Choose roles who can authorise newly added items
  • Smart Announce can be used to display a full list of items, a random number of items or a number of most recently added items. In random or recently added mode, items are displayed from either the module instance itself, or another module
  • Optionally, an image can be displayed and dates and/or statistics can be hidden or displayed.
  • The page skin is displayed when adding a new item.(rather than admin skin).
  • Supports multiple instances on a single page.
  • Now with notification on download and download tracking
  • Export download tracking stats to Excel or view online
  • Configurable field display for non-admin users 

Changes in V1.3.1:

These changes make the module more suitable for displaying events. You can now post the event early, but show the start and end dates of the actual event.

1. Date Posted - this date will still default to today on a new records but will be the date that the entry starts being displayed

2. Start Date - This is now just to display the start date of the announcement but does not affect if the entry is displayed or not

3. End Date - This is now just to display the end date of the announcement but does not affect if the entry is displayed or not

4.  Archive Date - this is the date to stop displaying the entry.

Some other minor fixes are included such as:

1. Display All Checkbox  now working correctly

2. Filter by Categories now working correctly

Installation Details...

Install version only.
Programmed in C#
DNN 9.2.x

Configurable (localised) messages for:

  • Add/Edit form title
  • Add/Edit form introduction text
  • Confirmation message displayed on submit

    *** Australian Made

See the live demo, Download user guide and free trial here: