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The easiest, quickest, and most intuitive form builder for DNN Platform. You'll be creating forms in no time with a true Drag & Drop WYSIWYG designer. Module 39688
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    Live Forms

    The easiest, quickest and most intuitive form builder for DNN Platform.

    • 7.3+ | 8.0+ | 9.0+
    • 7.3.4 | 8.0+ | 9.0+
    • 7.3.4 | 8.0+ | 9.0+
    • 7.3.4 | 8.0+ | 9.0+
    • evoq OnDemand
    • Azure Compatible



    DNN Forms automatically adjust to screen size to seamlessly display on multitude of platforms and devices: Desktops, Tables & Mobile Phones.
    *Requires Responsive DNN Theme.

     Easy to use

    Create forms in minutes with our drag and drop interface and WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) designer. Don’t take our word for it, see it to believe it.

     Multi Language

    Reach out to your global audience. Create forms and surveys in multiple languages. Localize all content including validation error messages. Option to save submissions in default or localized language.

     Multi Column

    Your form should look just the way you want it. Simply drag to resize, move, and re-arrange fields to create multi column layout.

     Multi Page Forms

    Split those long forms or surveys in multiple pages wizard with easy guided navigation. It’s easy to create page sections by simply dropping a page break field on the form.

    Options include page numbers, titles, progress bar, percentage, and/or x of y

     Granular Permissions

    You're in control. Grant permissions to specific users or roles that can design form, view, delete, export, and moderate submissions.

     Workflow & Moderation

    Create your own workflow with unlimited statuses with the ability to set the default status for new submissions.

    Moderators can be notified of a new submission as well as when the status changes. Moderators can view submissions of a particular status and quickly change status with the ability to set notes.

     Dynamic Fields

    Populate a field by executing a SQL Query. Automatically updates fields data when value in a linked or chained field is updated.

    Create chained fields such as Car Year > Make > Model.

     Calculate Fields

    Bind or update a form field via JavaScript. It's easy to automatically calculate a currency field based on other fields

     Save & Resume

    Do you have long multi-page forms or surveys? Allow your users to save their work and resume at a later time. A unique link is automatically generated and optionally emailed to the user to resume from where they left of.

    Form View Actions

    Form Submission Actions

    Submission actions are executed sequentially. Each action can be configured to execute always, only if the previously executed action succeeded or failed, or if all previously executed actions succeeded or failed.

    Extend Live Forms with new actions and integrations

    Status Change Actions

    Form Validation Actions

    Other Features


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    • Single DNN Install 1
      perpetual license
    • Localhost Only
      dev, staging, & testing licenses
    • 90 Days Support
    • Free Minor Upgrades
      Discounted Major Upgrades 3

    Enterprise w/Source $799

    • Unlimited DNN Installs 2
      perpetual license
      with 1 year subscription
    • Unlimited DNN Installs 2
      dev, staging, & testing license
    • 1 Year Support
    • Free Minor Upgrades
      Discounted Major Upgrades and Renewals 3
      Includes C# Source Code

    1) DNN Install is defined as collection of DNN Portals/Domains that are running off same DNN custom forms Database and Filesystem.
    2) Enterprise is defined as your company site(s) and those of your customers that are directly managed by your organization. Includes 1 year of subscription with “perpetual” use rights—the ability to continue using the software after the subscription has expired, even though the ability to download software and/or request product activation keys ends when the subscription expires.
    3) 50% discount on major upgrades and renewals.
    Please refer to our End User License Agreement for complete details

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A perpetual license allows you to use the licensed software indefinitely without paying annual or any additional licensing fees.

    A perpetual license allows you to use the licensed software even after your subscription has expired. However, the ability to download software and/or request product activation keys ends when the subscription expires.

    We strongly recommend to purchase Enterprise Edition which allows you to activate the product on any number of DNN Installs for dev/staging/testing.

    You can use the product for dev/staging/testing under LOCALHOST url only with Standard Edition.

    Live Forms is compatible with DNN 7.3.0 & above

    Not at all. Trial version is fully functional and it's identical to our production version.

    You're welcome to evaluate the product for 14 days after which it must be activated. You will not lose any of your work or settings when activating the trial to production.

    See our Documentation Section which is a central repository of for all of our products.

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    4.75 4.75 (12 product reviews)
    Jeremy B says... 4 4.0
    Great product, very versatile. Support also is good. The fact this company has so many products in the Evoq Preferred Products I think says it all.
    Posted 9/21/2017
    Tonja S says... 5 5.0
    Easy install, great product. Is there a user guide for it? Thanks
    Posted 5/22/2018
    Will S says... 5 5.0
    Incredibly easy to use and works great for most use cases.
    Posted 3/10/2017
    John H says... 5 5.0
    This module is so awesome. I used Form Master for years and was sad when Steve decided to give it up. The one thing I will have to get used to, is... Show More
    Posted 2/27/2017
    yogalink y says... 5 5.0
    one of the best part of the module is "good support", Thank you !
    Posted 12/3/2016

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