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Dynamic Forms

posted by DnnDeveloper.In - 12/26/2020

Dynamic Forms module is the easiest way to design and generate the dynamic form, you can select/drop as many fields along with the options for the controls as per your requirements and end users can post the details to submit the details to the configured email address. It will take care of the validation you configured from the form design section.

Design your own form, by selecting input controls. 

  • Dynamic Forms allows designing your custom form with a bunch of HTML/input controls to choose from and define the options for the control.
  • The dynamically designed form will be available for the end-user to fill in and post the details to the configured email addresses or save them at the DNN table by creating a dynamic table.
  • You can define the comma-separated multiple emails as a recipient of the email to address along with the form message or redirection link and subject for the email or option to save form submissions as a versioned SQL Server table inside the DotNetNuke database.
  • You can set the colors for the label, help text/tool-tip, and define the style and caption of the submit button to match your DNN theme.
  • Form Designer allows to set the properties and attributes for each input control like required, label name, help text, placeholder text, the subtype of control (like email, text, telephone), maximum allowed characters and CSS style class, style of control like inline or defined other option by the user while filling the form.
  • You have the choice to set the required field validation for each control while designing the form; the Form will take care of raising the required field validation message.
  • It’s a responsive/device-supportive layout for the form and email.
  • Auto-Response email to the user, as to form details
  • Auto-Response email to the user, as a text message
  • Google reCAPTCHA support, a double validation of reCaptcha happening when you enter the Site Secrete key at the settings section of the module.
  • It can be configured to send only emails, Save to the database by creating a dynamic SQL Table or Send emails and save data to the database.
  • Admin can see the list of form submissions posted by users and can filter or export to various formats. Admin can delete the table along with the data.
  • Admin has the choice to set the Submit button position as left, right, or centered aligned.
  • Time Zone can be configured at the settings section of the module, which converts time zone for all date-time getting attached to the emails and getting saved at the database table.
  1. Drag & Drop Form Builder: Easily generate the form in just a minute. 
  2. Mobile Friendly: 100% responsive, it works on mobile, tablets & desktops.  
  3. reCAPTCHA Support: Add the Google reCAPTCHA to validate the form
  4. Auto Response: Sends auto-reply email on posting/submitting the form
  5. Table Versions: Save user-posted form details to the database tables (Each time form schema changes new SQL table version gets created to store the form submissions)
Compatible with DNN Version 7.X, 8.X, 9.X

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Dynamic Forms User Manual: