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DNNSmart Quick Form 5.2.1 - Build Forms in just minutes, not hours

posted by - 08/02/2021
A Drag & Drop
Form Builder
Are you looking for an easy and fast way to create forms for your website? If yes, DNNSmart Quick Form module will be your best choice. With drag & drop feature and visual style editor, you can build your forms quickly and easily without writing a line of code. Straightforward and user-friendly interface will give you a sleek user experience and
save your cost, time and effort.
Why DNNSmart Quick Form?
Low Learning Cost
For most functions, you don't even need to read the documentation to understand how to use them.
Complete Documents
Almost every function has a corresponding supporting document or article description.
Reliable Support
If you have any need or question, we can reply you within 12 hours.
Core Features
Drag & Drop Feature
Drag and drop form fields to create a form in minutes. You can drag and drop controls to any position of the form, it can also supports reordering fields through draging and dropping. All these actions don't require any coding.
Visual Style Editor
In the module back-end, there's a color picker to change the background color and text color of the form. You can also adjust the width of field title easily. All these actions don't require touching any code and you can change the form appearance quickly.
MailChimp is a super good email marketing platform for your business, it's important to connect your forms to your Mailchimp account. With mailchimp integration, you can automatically add emails to your marketing lists when your forms are submitted.
Multi Steps
It can help break large forms into managable steps for your users to complete with ease. Multiple options allow you to define the color and structure of your theme.
Multi Columns
Admin can place multiple fields in each row just through dragging and dropping fields simply. The well-designed operation page makes it easier for you to design forms.
Conditional Fields
Through this feature, you can control whether some fields will be displayed under what conditions. This function makes your form become more flexible and can deeply meet your special needs.
Select Template
When the admin enters the form back-end for the first time, he/she will be asked to import an empty form or select one predefined form. This feature can save more time for you as you don't need to create a form from scratch.
Form Templates
You can search various form templates on our website. If there is a predefined template that meets the need, you can export it to an XML file and import it on the Design Form page directly.
Form Content
After enabling this function, this Quick Form module won't be a form module any more. It will become a module whose core feature is to display data list and the form is only for data input. You can realize various front-end structures through templates and CSS.
Multiple Payment Gateways
You can use this module to setup one payment form and it currently supports widely used payment gateways, which are Paypal, Stripe and
Survey Report
Admin can set up a survey form and check survey results in the back-end. The admin can also configure the form to let users see the current survey results after they submit the form.
Preview While Building
In the module back-end, there's an area where you can preview the form and manipulate each of the components. It's much intuitive, what you see is what you get.
Predefined Colors
In the module back-end, ten kinds of predefined color themes are included. They are popular color themes, which can match the entire look and feel of your site. You can own one pretty form appearance just by clicking one theme to apply.
Form Fields & Elements
It includes many types of form fields and controls, just as text fields, upload fields, date picker, list box, agree...and much more. We will continue to add more fields to meet the different needs of different customers.
This form builder applies Google's secure and powerful man-machine identification plug-in, which can prevent the machine from submitting forms maliciously.
Customize Templates
In the module backend, you can customize templates of the email sent to admin & auto reply email and submission result. If you don't want to customize templates by yourself, you can also load default templates.
Analyze the daily submission amount of forms, daily view amount of forms and the percentage of visitors converted to submission. This function can help you understand how interested your customers are in your form.
Post Request Action
On "Action After Submit" page, there's one feature "Post Request Action". After users sumit the form, it will send one POST request to one URL. On this page, you can also check sent record.
Submission Reports
On Submission History page, you can view submission reports, such as ID, submission date, submitters, submitted data and so on info.
Pop up Submission Result
After the user submits the form, the result will be displayed in a pop-up box. There's no redundant operation, which will achieve a superb user experience.
High Performance
This form builder has super fast loading speed, which won't affect the performance of your website and database.
Export & Import
After you design form and configure all options correctly, you can export configuration to one xml file and then go to another site to import this xml file. In this way, you can copy the form from current site to another site quickly.
Export Data To Excel
On submission history page, you can export all submission reports into one excel file, which can help you collect data to do easy analysis or sharing.
List Items From DB
There's one Data Source option for Dropdown List, Radio List, Checkbox List and Listbox controls. You can manually input an option list or write a SQL query to read an option list from the database.
Load Default Value
The controls can load a default value. This default value can be a fixed value, a URL Query String, reading data from the database through writing one SQL Query, or one DNN token, which means that you can read user's profile information.
Send Emails
After users submit the form successfully, an email including submitted data will be sent to admin. At the same time, an auto reply email will be sent to submitters.
Clear Expired History
In the module back-end, you can configure it automatically clears all submission history before how many days.
Forms can automatically adjust to screen size to perfectly display on any device just as Desktops, Tablets or Mobile Phones.
This form builder applies a variety of means to ensure the security of data transmission process and all the key data is encrypted.
Ajax Enabled
Users' submitting form and admin's designing form interfaces both use Ajax technology, which does everthing without reloading the page. This feature will give you a sleek user experience and make a positive impression on your site visitors.
Some Screenshots
Quickly browse some front-end and back-end screenshots of our module,
which can help you evaluate our module more quickly.
What's new in 5.2.1?
  • Optimized Send Http Request function on Actions After Submit page, now it can support Http method to be POST or GET, as well as customizing request parameters. This function can integrate with API Builder module.
License & Support & Upgrade Policy

+ Unlimited Forms in a page
+ Drag & Drop Feature
+ Visual Style Editor
+ Multi Steps And Columns
+ Rich control types
+ File Uploads
+ Google reCaptcha
+ Auto Reply
+ Customize Templates
+ Support within 1 year
+ Upgrade within 1 year
+ 1 Domain and unlimited subdomains

All in Standard, and:
+ Conditional Fields Feature
+ Mailchimp Feature
+ Post Request Action
+ Analytics Function
+ Form Content Function
+ Payment Feature
+ Survey Report
+ Post Request Log
+ 3 Domains and unlimited subdomains

All in Professional, and:
+ Unlimited installations
within 1 organization

All in Enterprise, and:
+ Source code included
+ Redistribution

Free upgrade & support within one year

You can freely upgrade to all new versions we publish within one year after your purchase. No matter which version you purchased, we can provide free support within one year.

Pay for upgrade & support when your purchase is over one year.

When your purchase is over one year, you can pay half cost of purchased version to extend the following one year's upgrade & Support.
Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I get trial version?
Please go here and download trial version, it’s a 30 day free trial.
Where can I find documentation?, user manual of this module could be found here.
Where can I get support?
Please contact us through email and our email account is [email protected], we will reply within 12 hours.
Can I extend my trial?
Yes, please contact us through email, our email account is [email protected].
Are there any limitations with trial?
No, trial version has all the same functions with our production version.
Can I have one license for dev or staging site?
Of course you can, please contact us through email and our email account is [email protected].
When I purchase the module, will I lose all settings which I make during the trial?
Certainly not, all you need to do is to activate the module after you make the purchase.
Can I transfer the license from current site to a new site?
Of course you can, please contact us through email and our email account is [email protected].
Can I upgrade to different license type later?
If your purchase was made within the past 6 months, you only need to pay price difference to upgrade to a higher tier (and more value-packed) license. Please contact us through email and our email account is [email protected], we will give you instructions on how to operate.
If I upgrade my DNN version, do I also need to upgrade your module?
We suggest that you could upgrade our module to the latest version as we test and optimize for latest DNN version.
Contact Us
If you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can send an email to us or submit a question on our site.