DNN Store Helpdesk Tips and DNN Platform Resources

DNN Store Helpdesk Tips

Store users - customers, potential customers, vendors, and anyone else with questions about the DNN Store and the modules and skins available on it can use the Store’s helpdesk for pre- or post- sales support. This helpdesk allows you to contact Store staff, as well as the developers of products for sale on the Store.

Here are a few tips for using the helpdesk:

  1. Are you comparing multiple products before choosing what to buy?  Do you have a question about if a particular module fulfills your requirements?  These questions can often be answered best by the module's developer.  You can contact them directly with the "Ask a Question" link on the product listing (shown below).

  2. Selecting "Add a Ticket" under the Help Center tab will also allow you to create a ticket.  Selecting the first option, "Product Name," will create a ticket directly for the module or skin's developer.  Creating a ticket with one of the other options will send the ticket to Store staff.

  3. Customers and sellers on the DNN Store come from many different countries.  As the person who creates a ticket and the person who responds to the ticket are often in different time zones, it is helpful to be as thorough as possible when creating your ticket.  For technical support, be sure to include your order number, the version of the module you are using, details of any error you are receiving, etc., and upload screen shots.  Providing this information in the beginning will often lead to a quicker resolution, as the developer or Store staff member will not have to ask for these additional details.

DNN Platform Resources

Although our goal is to help our users as much as possible, this helpdesk is not intended for general support questions for the DNN Platform, so we’d like to take this opportunity to point our users to some resources that you should find helpful:

  1. Whether you are new to DNN, or have been using it for years, the Video Library offers a wealth of information.  Check out video tutorials on subjects like redirecting website visitors to your mobile website using DNN, how to move a module to another page in DNN 7, and much more.
  2. The Community Forums contain discussions among DNN employees and users.  Search by keyword and within a date range to find information most useful to you, and subscribe to threads to receive notification upon update.
  3. The Online Manual is available to provide information on installing, upgrading, creating, configuring, and maintaining DNN websites.  Are you using an older version of DNN?  Manuals for previous versions of DNN can be accessed from this page too.
  4. Community members ask and answer questions about DNN though the Community Exchange.  You can ask your own questions, search for answers to existing questions, sort by recent activity, most views, most answers, and more.
  5. Comprised of entries from DNN employees and Community members, the Community Blog can be browsed, searched, commented on, and shared through social media.  Recent blog posts include:

We hope this information will help you in using the Store and in getting any questions you have about DNN answered.  In the comments section, we'd love to hear which of the resources above you have found most helpful when you have a DNN question.  Are there any other resources you look to?

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