DNN Store Customers’ Must-Have Modules

We've blogged before on the importance of reviewing your DNN Store purchases.  The most obvious reason for this is that detailed reviews are very helpful for future customers when making a purchase.  Perhaps you are comparing blog modules or ecommerce solutions; the feedback from previous purchasers can likely cause you to choose one product or another.  Today, however, we'd like to take a look at some DNN Store customers' reviews to find out what they think are must-have modules.  As you consider solutions for your website, our customers would recommend putting these at the top of your list!

  1. DNNDev's XMod Pro - Forms and Views for Databases

  2. Evotiva's DNNBackup and DNNUpgrade

  3. DNN Sharp's My Tokens

  4. EasyDNNsolutions' EasyDNNnews

  5. Data Springs Collection

We hope you've found this compilation helpful and would love to hear what your go-to DNN solutions are.  Please comment below with any other must-have module suggestions and details on what makes them great!

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