DNN 101

What is DNN and What can it do?

If you are an IT company or web design agency then maybe DNN is just what you are looking for to create great websites for your customers.

Imagine delivering a robust CMS solution for you clients which empowers them and gives them the ability to manage their own website. DNN provides an intuitive web interface that allows your clients to manage and create their content. DNN can deliver your client's site optimized for the for mobile, tablet and desktop browsers to give the best possible experience.

DNN has been around a long time and is stable, secure and robust. The perfect CMS solution to build client sites on. If you've tried early versions of DNN, then you should take a fresh look at the latest version since its changed and improved a lot.

What about my clients point of view?

Your clients will love the fact that DNN is easy to use and provides a consistent interface when managing all the various different content types on their site. By using DNN for your clients, they get a lot of great features all as standard: SEO optimization, easy content management, robust security and support for cloud deployment.

DNN is the leading CMS application on the Microsoft .net platform with over 750,000 installs,  trusted by large corporates, SME and individuals to run their websites. 

Modules are the concept used in DNN to create different types of page content and site functionality. When you first install DNN you get a host of great modules as standard. To add more modules the DNN Store has thousands of additional modules covering pretty much every possible requirement. 

Taking it to the Next Level

Here comes the best bit: the community edition of DNN is available for free. So for no outlay, you can start creating great CMS solutions for your clients. You get a lot of features as standard with the free community edition, which makes it a perfect fit for most clients.

The DNN eco-system contains a rich array of modules and skins that for a modest fee can provide pretty much any type of functionality your client desires. Is your client looking to take event bookings online? No problem, there is a module for that. Looking to run an online store? No problem, you are covered on that too.

If you have a client with a requirement which can't be fulfilled with an off the shelf module, then you can easily locate DNN developers that can create you a custom module.

Bonus Tips for For Creating a Great Site

1. Pick a skin which is responsive, this means the site will look great on all screen sizes. Twitter Bootstrap 3 is a great framework, so make sure your skin is based on that.

2. When picking modules from the Store, always look at the reviews, ask questions to the developers and take up any free trials.

3. Don't necessary judge a product based on the price. A higher price doesn't necessary mean a better product or more features.

4. If you are looking to try DNN for the first time, an easy way to host is to create an Azure Website with DNN; then you can take it for a test drive.

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