Data Incident Notice

In April of this year, DNN discovered that an unauthorized individual accessed the server on which the DNN Store is hosted. DNN has been taking this matter very seriously, and immediately launched a thorough investigation to determine the scope and extent of the intrusion, and to determine whether any personal information was accessed or acquired.

At this time, DNN has no evidence that any personal information was accessed or acquired, or that personal information has been or will be used for an improper purpose. In addition, we remind store customers and vendors that DNN does not store full credit card numbers from our customers. Despite the fact we are not aware of evidence that personal information was accessed or acquired, we are notifying DNN Store customers and vendors of the incident out of an abundance of caution and so they can be on the lookout for any suspicious activity.

After learning of the intrusion, DNN took immediate steps to contain the incident and secure its systems. DNN has removed the malware the intruder used to obtain access, upgraded and updated its password policies, and further hardened the security all web servers including the DNN Store. Although no system is ever 100% protected against ever-sophisticated cyber-intrusions, DNN is committed to making sure its systems are as secure as they can be in this environment.

Again, although we have no evidence at this time that personal information was accessed or acquired, it is always a good idea for everyone to remain vigilant for incidents of fraud and identity theft, including by regularly viewing account statements and monitoring free credit reports. Further questions or concerns can be raised by customers or vendors through the Dnn Store Help Desk.

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