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posted by Pure Systems - 09/27/2016
DNN Content Pro

DNN Content Management

Make adding feature rich content to your DNN website quick and simple...

We thought adding website Content in DNN needed to be easier. We wanted to create a module which made it possible to display content on your website in multiple formats and multiple locations without the need for separate modules. That is why we created ContentPro.

Why use ContentPro?

  • Makes creating reusable content easy, News articles, blogs, galleries, events - the possibilities are endless!
  • Content design is controlled using razor templates
  • Pre-set templates include structured data mark-up for better SEO
  • Easy to use so great for non-technical and more experienced DNN users
  • Comment engine built in so your users can interact with your content
  • Ability to create fields to match the type of content you wish to create
  • Import existing content from other popular modules such as LiveBlog and SunBlogNuke
  • Bootstrap ready
  • 6 months of free updates
  • Easy to install - ContentPro simply plugs into DNN v7.1+

Content creation made easy!

ContentPro can replace your old blog module, news module, gallery module and articles module. You can also create magazine style pages, sliders, press releases, white papers and timelines, re-using your content in any of these formats across multiple pages on your site so your content becomes truly fluid and adaptable.

How does ContentPro work?

Once installed, it is as simple as adding the module to any location on your site where you want to display content, choosing a content type and then adding your chosen content. Currently imports possible from SunBlogNuke and LiveBlog

You can use our pre-set Razor templates just as they are, ideal if you have limited knowledge in web design. You can adapt them with a little knowledge of HTML or create your own from scratch. Add structured data mark-up to your bespoke templates for improved SEO.


Blog example layout thumb

Attractive blog listing pages

View Example

News listings example thumb

Create engaging news pages using the Masonary plugin.

View Example

Image Gallery example thumb

Make impressive galleries using the Masonary and lightbox plugins

View Example

Timeline example

A classic timeline list

View Example

Image slider examples thumb

Hero sliders and more

View Example

More examples of sliders for videos and more

View Example

Magazine layout example thumb

More complex layouts for content

View Example

Getting Started

Adding your first item is simple...

Just add the add the module to the location on your site where you want to display content and then configure.

Next, choose the type of content you want to add from one of the pre-set templates:

Configuring ContentPro

Name your content and then go ahead and add it via the Rich Text Editor, save and you are finished!

Configuring ContentPro

Adding content

Meta data can be added for each content item so that search engines can index your content easily:

Adding content


The Single Domain licence allows the Licensee to install this package on one DNN portal using one domain/sub-domain.

The Three Domain Licence allows the Licensee to install this package on three DNN portals using up to three different domains/sub-domains.

The Eight Domain Licence allows the Licensee to install this package on eight DNN portals using up to eight different domains/sub-domains.