5 Reasons Acitve-Directory Integration is Essential to your DNN Intranet

The AD-Pro suite of modules is the complete set of integration tools for companies using Active Directory - one of the most popular user directory and management servers in use today.

If your company uses Active Directory (“AD”) and are on the DNN platform, then there are 5 key reasons to consider integrating these two great products:


Make it easy for your users and let them log on to the intranet site using the same username and password as they use to log-on to your network. To make things even easier, you can enable auto-log in where your users simply browse to the intranet, and they will be automatically logged in.

The AD-Pro Authentication module authenticates users with their AD credentials directly against AD. AD passwords are never stored in DNN. Once your employee is authenticated, they will be automatically registered in DNN, and their profile updated with the latest information in AD. This information can be used to auto-populate forms and dynamic content on your site.


At its simplest level, an employee directory is a telephone book of contact details. Intranets are about people, and a directory allows employees to find people to help them with their job.

The AD-Pro User Directory module connects directly to your Active Directory and presents a searchable, filterable list of users with their latest contact information. You can control what information is displayed, and you can limit the directory to specific groups of users. For example, you can have a page that lists only IT Support Desk contacts, filtered against that security group in AD.


Let your employees manage their own user profiles and passwords from within the context of your intranet without them having to call IT every time they want to change simple things like their phone number or reset their passwords.

The AD-Pro User profile module lets users update both their AD profiles and their DNN profiles all from with DNN. This means they can add extra information to their user profiles in DNN (like “Sales Region” or “Interests”) without cluttering up your AD.

The Password Expiry Alert and Password Reset modules notify logged-in users that their password is about to expire - and allows them to reset their password from within the DNN Intranet.


In addition to profile synchronization, AD employee security group information is mapped to DNN roles and permissions when the user logs in. This allows you to manage access to pages or to grant editing rights - directly from AD. For example, you can create a “”Leadership Team” section on your site - and if you get promoted, you will automatically be given access to the pages on the site where the rest of your team are. Your IT team can now remotely control access to site and content from where it should be - your Active Directory.


Your intranet doesn't have to sit inside your network - you can open it up to the internet to allow partners, suppliers and customers to access secure sections. These external users can have their access managed by the DNN security model, while your employees are managed by AD.

You have a number of choices when it comes to communicating with your Active Directory. You can direct connect internally or expose your site to the Internet by opening up your firewall or host your site with an external provider and connect back to an LDAP port connected to your AD.  AD-Pro is Azure ready and can be installed on Azure cloud servers.


Fortune 500 companies, schools, universities and businesses worldwide use AD-Pro to integrate, secure and make accessible their intranets, extranets and community portals. AD-Pro can be installed on both the DNN Platform and Evoq editions (content and social), as it requires no changes to the core or web.config in DNN & Evoq and can be installed in minutes. Trial editions are available for all modules and you can save $345 by purchasing the complete bundle.

All AD-Pro modules are backed with professional support from Glanton through our help desk.

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