​ Happy 1st Birthday to the DNN Store Blog

On March 26, 2014 we added a blog to the DNN Store; its first entry was Try Them Before you Buy Them: 5 modules that offer free trials.  Our hope was that the Store Blog would give vendors, customers, and DNN Corp. employees a way to share useful and relevant information with Store customers and the larger community of DNN users.  Since that time we have averaged 1 blog every week and would like to thank those that have shared information with our visitors:

  • Aderson Oliveira
  • Cart Viper
  • Christoc
  • DNN Corp.
  • DNN Sharp
  • DNNCon
  • DNNGo
  • Ernst Peter Tamminga
  • Glanton Solutions
  • Hans Lenting
  • Hotcakes Commerce
  • Mandeep Singh
  • Mitchel Sellers
  • Smith Consulting
  • Weweave

These blogs have covered a variety of subjects from tips for choosing modules/themes to vendor interviews, information on pricing, and Store features.  There are many blogs that, although having been written several months ago, remain very relevant to Store customers.  Here are 10 we would recommend taking a look at if you haven’t already (or revisiting if you have):

  1. 10 Requirements I Look for When Picking a Skin/Theme
  2. 3 Features Every DNN Module Must Have
  3. Announcing the Evoq Preferred Products Program
  4. Azure Compatibility for DNN Store Modules
  5. Cloud Compatible Licensing Schemes
  6. Module Performance: Set Yourself Apart
  7. Reviewing your Purchases: Creating reviews benefits customers, vendors, and yourself
  8. Top 6 Reasons Why you Should Keep your DNN Modules Up to Date
  9. What is my Approach for a New Project?
  10. Why Should you List your Open Source Extensions on the DNN Store?

We hope to have even more contributions from Store vendors and customers in the Store Blog’s 2nd year! Contact us at [email protected] if you have something you’d like to share.  Vendors, we’d love to learn more about your products and the unique ways they can be used on customer sites, as well as your tips for module/theme development.  Customers, tell us about the products you work with, how you select them, and how you implement them on your sites.

Even if you’re not interested in writing a blog, let us know what you’d be interested in reading or learning more about!

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