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posted by WI Professional Services - 06/02/2017
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Build tables without complicated configuration

Tables are created mostly by clicking - without having to code anything. 90% of users say that WowDataTable was easy to learn.

Customize grids as your task requires

You can combine WowDataTables features as you wish to solve your unique use cases - from wine catalogs and business reports to scientific dashboards.

Great Features

Release Notes
Release 02.05.00 (TBD):
  • New Feature - Row Buttons: add a button to each row to navigate to URL or to execute an SQL statement.
  • New Option - Table Template: add the ability to customize table view HTML code.
    • Release 02.04.00 (01-05-2021):
      • New Feature: support displaying inline charts in each row, using jQuery Sparklines.
      • New Module Setting: Angular Version
      • Removed Module Setting: Don't Include Angular Lib
      • Removed Module Setting: Don't Include Angular Route Lib
      • Added Copy button in Setup Tables view
      • Usability Improvement: "Fetch Columns" button to populate columns from SQL Data Source
      • Fixed critical caching issue and disable caching by default.
      • Fixed upgrade issue (02.00.00 to 02.04.00) in Row Details feature.
      Release 02.03.00 (01-01-2020):
      • New Software License Agreement
      • New Feature: Integrated with WowChart, populates chart based on row selection.
      • New Feature: Integrated with other tables, populates table based on row selection.
      • New Feature: Row Grouping
      • New Feature: Table Style option under "Module Settings", available options are: Base, jQueryUI, Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap 4, Foundation and Semantic UI.
      • New Feature: Save State, when enabled table will store state information such as pagination position, display length, filtering and sorting. When the user reloads the page the table's state will be altered to match what they had previously set up.
      • New Improvement: add support to select multiple style classes (for Base style only).
      • New Improvement: add support to override table style (using CSS class).
      • New Improvement: add support to detect browser language to format date columns.
      • New Improvement: allow user to select format date columns.
      • New Module Setting: Don't Include Angular Lib
      • New Module Setting: Don't Include Angular Route Lib
      • Fixing critical bugs
      Release 02.02.00 (05-11-2019):
      • Performance Improvement using DNN Caching
      • New Improvement: add session token replacement support to Connection String; syntax {session:name}
      • New Improvement: add session token replacement support to SQL Query; syntax {session:name}
      • New Improvement: add cookie token replacement support to SQL Query; syntax {cookie:name}
      • New Improvement: add support to read ConnectionString from web.config
      • New Improvement: add token replacement feature support to Connection String.
      • Fix data table export file name
      • Fix date time columns sorting
      • Bug fixing
      Release 02.01.00 (04-05-2019):
      • New Feautre: Support define multiple tables in single module
      • New Feature: Responsive Table
      • New Button: Column Visibility
      • Row Detail Tables supports export buttons (Copy, Print, CSV, Excel and Column Visibility)
      • Row Detail Tables supports paging
      • Row Detail Tables supports searching
      • Ability to set export file name
      • Rework Server-side pagination for SQL Queries
      • New Option: Column format
      Release 02.00.00 (04-08-2018):
      • New Feature: Support Server-side paging for SQL data source only
      • New Feature: Support DNN Token Replacement
      • New Feature: Support DNNSharp MyToken module tokens
      • New Feature: Row Details, the ability to show child rows and attached to parent row
      • New Feature: Integrate with WowChartv3, populate table based on a chart point clicked.
      • Support Filters token, and expose javascript API to filter table based on filters
      • Fix jQuery-migrate on DNN 09.02.00
      Release 01.02.00 (23-07-2018):
      • Add Google Spreadsheet data source support
      Release 01.01.00 (27-06-2018):
      • Add CSV File data source support
      Release 01.00.03 (22-06-2018):
      • New Options: Display all data source columns
      • Fix SQL Injection issue
      Release 01.00.02 (07-10-2017):
      • Critical Bug Fixes
      • Add New Option to add/remove export buttons
      Release 01.00.01 (01-07-2017):
      • Bug Fixes
      • New Feature: add URL Parameter in SQL Data Source Query, and the syntax is: {url:paramName}
      • New Feature: adding Chart Preview html code box
      • Add {userid} token support in SQL Select Query

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