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Wow Analytics (Insights/Logs)

posted by WI Professional Services - 1/2/2016
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Visualize your site analytics in unlimited different ways. Each of them animated, with a load of customization options and interactivity extensions. Uses the HTML5 canvas element. It's supported in all modern browsers, and polyfills support for IE7/8. Module 35549
  • $66.67 Standard License - Unlimited Domains, One DNN Instance
  • $200.00 Enterprise License - Unlimited Domains, Unlimited DNN Instances
  • $2,000.00 Enterprise License + Source Code - Unlimited Domains, Unlimited DNN Instances
  • $66.67 Support License Only


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Documentation  | Demo Video  | Demo Page
Track Site Visitors | Track Returned Users | Track Time Spent in each Page
Track Pageviews | Track Registered Users
Track Visitors Country / City / Region / TimeZoon / Language / Browser / Language / OS Platform
Visualize Site Logs in 8 Unique Chart Types
(Line, Spline, Area, Area Spline, Column, Bar, Pie)

Great Features
  • DNN 9.x 8.x 7.x 6.0 Fully Supported
  • Azure / Cloud Ready
  • Allow Import Built-in DNN Site Logs
  • Allow Display Insights for another DNN Site
  • Allow Exclude Super Users Logs
  • Allow Exclude Unregistered Users Logs
  • Allow Exclude Users Logs by Role
  • Allow Printing
  • Allow Exporting to Image, PDF, CSV and XLS
  • Mobile Support - Responsive
X-Axis & Series Options
  1. Page Name
  2. User Name
  3. Hour
  4. Day of Week
  5. Day
  6. Week
  7. Month
  8. Quarter
  9. Country
  10. Language
  11. Platform
  12. Mobile / Desktop
  13. Direct / Referrer
  14. Referrer
  15. Screen
Y-Axis Options
  1. Total Pageviews
  2. Total Users Visits
  3. Total Time Spent
  4. Total Portal Users
  5. Total Users / Visitors
  6. Total New Users / Visitors

Release Notes

Release 02.02.03 (22-06-2018):
  • Add Module Setting: Don't Include Angular Lib
  • Add Module Setting: Don't Include Angular Route Lib
  • Bug fixing
Release 02.02.02 (11-04-2018):
  • Fix Performance issues
  • Add "Sort Data" option
  • Change IP Address lookup database
Release 02.02.01 (26-01-2018):
  • Fix Performance issues
  • Show 'Unknown' if X-Axis or Series are empty
  • X-Asixes are sorted by default, and Hour, DayOfWeek, Day, Week, Month and Quarter only.
Release 02.02.00 (22-10-2017):
  • Critical Bug fixing
  • Add Support for SQL 2008, 2005
Release 02.01.00 (07-09-2017):
  • Remove Data Source field and replace it with three fields: X-Axis, Y-Axis and Series
  • Remove Number of Items field and replace it with two fields: X-Axis Items, Series Axis Items (Max.)
  • New Analytics Axis: Total Portal Users
  • New Analytics Axis: Total Visitors
  • New Analytics Axis: Total Visits
  • New Analytics Axis: Total New Visitors
  • New Analytics Axis: New / Returning Visitors
  • Add Table Detection
  • New Analytics Axises: City, Screen and Device
  • Remove 'Unique Page Hits' option
Release 02.00.03 (28-08-2017):
  • Bug fixing
  • Prevent iframe tracking
  • Change UI date input to type text instead of date, IE combability
Release 02.00.02 (18-08-2017):
  • Fix 02.00.01 SQL Provider
Release 02.00.01 (05-08-2017):
  • Fix Active Users analytics chart
  • New Analytics Chart: Page Views By Referrer
  • New Analytics Chart: Sessions Per User
  • New Analytics Chart: Time Spent Per User
Release 02.00.00:
  • *** Change Charting Library ***
  • New Feature: Allow Printing
  • New Feature: Allow Exporting to Image, PDF, CSV and XLS
  • 3D Charts
Release 01.00.05:
  • New Feature: Import Dnn Site Log
Release 01.00.04:
  • Add New Option: 'Unique Page Hits'

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Product License

Standard License

Unlimited Domains, One DNN Instance +
One Month Support

Enterprise License

Unlimited Domains, Unlimited DNN Instances + support Offline Activation for localhost sites only + Three Months Support

License Reset/Moving only allowed during the 6 months from license order date.

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Azure Compatible

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5 5 (3 product reviews)
says... 5 5.0
this module had issues with mandeeps modules, throwing javascript errors. A support ticket and a webex call resolved the issue with a new WOW... Show More
Posted 6/27/2018
says... 5 5.0
Well thought out interface that is intuitive and easy to use with excellent support. Questions answered promptly and on point...
Posted 1/17/2018
Jay C says... 5 5.0
Great and Easy to use. Charts are easy to create and you get to watch your site analytics in real time. Support is fast and efficient. Highly... Show More
Posted 7/25/2017