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RazorCart eCommerce Platform

posted by Smith Consulting - 08/25/2016

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Why choose RazorCart?

Easy to use, easy to maintain, easy to modify.


Mobile Ready

Mobile responsive for any sized device out of the box.

SEO Friendly

SEO Friendly URLs and product-level keywords, meta tags, and alt tags.

Fully Templatable

Fully templatable front-end interface that can be customized with MVC, Razor, .NET, JQuery using viewsets.

PCI and TLS 1.2 Compliant

RazorCart is compliant with the requirements set forth by PCI PA-DSS for payment application software vendors and data storage as well as the TLS 1.2 requirements.


By requesting the REST API EndPoints you can retrieve, update or delete data within your portal/site.

Action Delegate Pipeline

Built for a more flexible and extensible development structure, if you need to add your custom logic or even replace any RazorCart Core method with your own code.


Unlimited stores with unique and separate dashboards within the admin console. Separate products, payments, orders, etc.


Supporting global currencies at the store-level from the Admin Console, users can shop from anywhere.


Easy localization of your complete store so your customers can shop in their preferred language.

Azure Compatible

Built to scale, RazorCart is fully supported on the Microsoft Azure Cloud.


Product Listing

The product listing module lists all the products, thumbnail images and an add to cart button. It allows the user to navigate and search for products.

Product Details

The product detail module displays the main product image, product variants, variant images, image galleries, and tab control with product descriptions, reviews, etc.


The checkout module displays the shopping cart with subtotal information. This is where the user enters their shipping and billing information and checks out.


Displays the categories and subcategories you have defined in your store. It is used to filter the products by category or sub category.

Product Compare

Give your customers the power to make educated buying decisions when they can compare unlimited eCommerce products side by side. Product Compare displays SKU, price, image, and product summary.


Displays a summary of the items currently in the cart and allows user to remain on product catalog page while adding products to the cart.

My Account

Allows users to login and check their order status, order history, payment history, and download soft goods. It also allows includes a printable invoice.


Allow users to quickly find what they are searching for to increase conversions

Admin Console

Your powerful dashboard is at your fingertips with metrics, reports, settings, and more


Product Slider

The Product Slider gives store owners an eye catching way to display your products to your customers, grouped by featured products, related products, recommended products, or categories.

Store Locator

Fully integrated with Google Maps, the Store Locator module can integrate any number of locations onto a map where site visitors can easily access the information they’re looking for.

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search module can be placed in any pane on any page and allows you to search products in your catalog using custom dropdowns, categories and keywords.

Quick Order

The QuickOrder module allows frequent customers like distributors and re-sellers to quickly add items to their cart by entering the product sku or part number.

Booking and Scheduling

The RazorCart Booking system allows you to set up bookable products for reservations, services and rentals/hires.


RazorEvents allows you to setup events, locations and categories. Each event can be assigned to one location and one or more categories. 

Product Grid

Displays a grid of products with paging spreadsheet style! Supports unlimited custom fields. You can add multiple products to your cart automatically.


QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online for RazorCart is an extension that lets you connect RazorCart with your Intuit QuickBooks Online account to sync customers, orders, payments, and products.

Salesforce Pardot

Fully integrated with Pardot, RazorCart helps marketers and sales teams find and nurture leads, close more deals, maximize ROI — and more.


The Zapier Extension for RazorCart will allow you to integrate with Zapier and connect with 1,000+ apps available for easier eCommerce business automation. It's all about "Zaps" -a workflow task automation that runs in background- which will fetch the new RazorCart records and trigger actions you can configure.

Google eCommerce Analytics

Google Analytics lets you track visitors to your store, and generates reports that will help you with your marketing.


The Zendesk for RazorCart integration helps your business by displaying critical RazorCart data alongside Zendesk Support ticket information. It saves your agents time because they no longer need to switch between RazorCart and Zendesk to connect a ticket to an order.


iContact email marketing software integrates easily with RazorCart. Create profitable email marketing campaigns and autoresponders which can be sent to your subscribers and customers automatically.

DIY Integrations with Extension Points

RazorCart provides the ability to create custom extensions/plugins which executed within the workflow methods when needed, an extension is basically a method that triggered during the Pipeline Actions and it can be called before the action, after or even on both events.

Payment Gateways


PayPal Standard




Intuit QuickBooks


PayPal Payflow





Custom Payment Gateway Integrations


UPS Real Time Shipping Calculator

USPS Real Time Shipping Calculator

FedEx Real Time Shipping Calculator

DHL Real Time Shipping Calculator

Fixed Amount Shipping

Product-Level Shipping

Ship by Zip Code

Ship by Quantity

Ship by Weight

Custom Ship Methods

And More!


Zip2Tax Real Time Shipping Integration

Tax Tables

Flat Tax

Tax Exempt Products

Tax Exempt by Role




Product-Level EU VAT

VAT/GST (Product Inclusive)

And More!

Inventory Features

Hide Price - Request a Quote

When hide price is enabled the “Price” field is hidden on the cart and checkout pages but users can add items to a cart for a quote request.

Minimum/Maximum Order Limits

If the carts subtotal amount is less than the minimum order amount configured and the user clicks the "Proceed to Checkout" button the cart will display the message "Minimum Order Amount Not Met" and will not allow the user to move past the cart page and checkout until the minimum order amount is met.

Show/Hide Products By Role

The Advanced Search module can be placed in any pane on any page and allows you to search products in your catalog using custom dropdowns, categories and keywords.

Product Start/End Date

The QuickOrder module allows frequent customers like distributors and re-sellers to quickly add items to their cart by entering the product sku or part number.

Enable Inventory Management

By default, inventory management is disabled, meaning the cart will not decrement the quantity on hand for each product that is purchased for stores selling soft goods and downloadable products.

Drop Ship from Manufacturer

Dropshipping lets you sell products by using a supplier that holds the inventory and ships the product for you.

Hide or Deactivate Products

When a product is deactivated it will not show up in the front end product catalog and will not be available for purchase. When a product is hidden, it will not show up but can still be added to the cart through the querystring.

Enable Wishlist

RazorCart allows users to create wishlists and saved carts.

Downloadable Products - Soft Goods

Limit access to downloadable products after purchase by number of attempts or days.

Unlimited Variants

Product variants are the styles a product comes in. For example, one product that comes in only one style would be a single-variant product. A product that comes in three different styles, such as Red, White, and Blue, would be a product with three variants.

Variant-Level Pricing

The variant price can be entered as the actual (absolute) price of the product or a price adjustment.

Conditional Variants

Conditional variant groups are dynamically displayed based on the selected value of another variant.

Safety Stock Notifications

Get a notification when you are running low on inventory and need to order more.

Sold Out Message and Backorders

Display a sold out message when items are out of stock and configure your store to accept or refuse orders on backordered products.

Sale Price

Provides the ability to set a sale price for a product. When sale price is populated the product listing and product detail pages on the front end cart will show the regular price with a strikethrough and the sale price will be displayed.

Marketing Features

Abandoned Cart Marketing

Up to 74% of eCommerce carts are abandoned before checkout but studies show that with tracking and marketing, you can recover up to 15% of abandoned carts and increase your revenue.

Product Level Coupons

Coupons can be limited to a specific product or set of products (and variants).

Coupons by Percent

The discount percentage is the percent that you want to discount the order by when the user enters a valid coupon code.

Coupons by Amount

The coupon amount is the total dollar amount you want to discount the order by when the user enters a valid coupon code.

Discount by Quantity (Bulk Discounts)

When Product Quantity Discounts are enabled discounts are applied based on the total quantity of a Product in the cart.

Discounts by Role

When the Product Percent/Amount Discounts By Role option is selected, Product Discounts will be applied at the product level if the user logged in is added to the Role defined for the Discount.

User-Specific Discounts

When the Product Percent/Amount Discounts By User option is selected, Product Prices at the product level will be applied based on the logged in DNN User.

Category Level Discounts

When Category Discounts are enabled discounts are applied based on the selected category.

Price Classes

When Price Class Discounts are enabled this allows for mix and match pricing in the cart. The Price Class Discount option allows you to group products by price class and apply the discount defined at the Price Class level.

Admin Features

Email Templates

Email Templates allow you to manage the content and subject of the emails that are automatically sent from your store using dynamic tokens. You can create admin email templates, user email templates, manufacturer email templates, ship notification templates, and abandoned cart email templates.

Granular Admin-Level Permissions

Just like other sections of the content area of your site, you can assign roles to the administration pages of your e-commerce administration area. Roles can be assigned to each admin level function. For example, you can grant certain roles permission to edit products and other roles you can grant view only access to the orders and customer management area.

Moderate Product Reviews

The review moderation feature in RazorCart allows you to moderate, edit and delete Reviews added to your products.


The built in Import/Export feature allows you to import new or update existing products, categories, custom fields, manufacturers or variants from a CSV file.

Order Management

After a customer places an order, it appears in the Orders area of RazorCart. You can also create orders manually in your RazorCart admin to record orders that you've made outside of RazorCart or to send your customers email invoices. You can make changes, add and delete orders.


Buit in reports help you identify your top-selling products, sales records, open orders and more.

Checkout Features

Single Page Checkout

Reduce friction with a seamless, mobile responsive checkout page where users can confirm their order, enter shipping and payment details, and complete checkout, all from one page.

Guest Checkout

You have full control over your eCommerce store and who can purchase. If you want to allow guest checkout or restrick checkout to registered users or specific roles, we've got you covered.

Site Registration During Checkout

Allow users to register for your site and create a password during the checkout process.

Add/Remove Roles on Successful Checkout

Add users to a security role or remove them from a security role at the product level on the completion of a succesful order.

Real Time Shipping Integrations

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Our Other Extensions

All of our extensions are programmed in C# and customization requests are welcomed.
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