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Booking and Scheduling

posted by Smith Consulting - 9/18/2012
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The Booking and Scheduling module handles bookings, scheduling and reservations and allows you to offer and manage all kinds of bookable products efficiently and easily in your store. Module 27342
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Booking and Scheduling Module

If you offer products for hire (rental), run courses or want to be able to take reservations for appointments, bookings and activities, then this module is for you. Turn your RazorCart products into booking products with integrated calendar. Manage your available and reserved inventory. Our easy to use calendar let's you see at a glance your bookings on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. The Booking module offers real-time availability showing what products are available based on the inventory you specify in RazorCart.

The Booking and Scheduling module is fully integrated with RazorCart and DNN and can be used for B2C or B2B sites including the following applications:

  • Booking/Reservations
  • Accommodation Booking
  • Rentals - Hotel, Car, Etc.
  • Facility Reservation and Scheduling
  • Event Management
  • Conference Room Reservations
  • Sports
  • Recreation
  • And much more!

Take bookings from your website

With our online scheduling software you can take bookings directly from your own website to give your customers a seamless booking experience.

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DNN Cart

Easy to use Admin Menu

Your flexible, online admin dashboard allows you to view and manage your bookings and appointments. You can make bookings on behalf of customers, move or cancel bookings and contact your customers directly.

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All Dnn modules are programmed in C# and customization requests are welcomed. 

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