Picture of Plant an App / App Builder - The all in one platform to build your next DNN project

Plant an App / App Builder - The all in one platform to build your next DNN project

posted by DNN Sharp - 08/19/2020
  • One Platform for all your DNN Projects

    Exclusive features, modules and add-ons, all orchestrated by an app builder for a faster delivery of your projects.

    Trusted Technology Partner

    We have a proven record in developing DNN Modules, a dedicated support team and a thigh-knit user community to ensure your success.

    All DNN Sharp Modules

    See everything we’ve built so far, including all 40 product suite such as Action Form and Action Grid, Search Boost, and much more.

    Platform Exclusive Features

    Exclusive features that form a foundation for your entire system, data model and processes, helping you accelerate app development by 20x

    Platform Exclusive Features

    Powerful No-Code & Low-Code Functionality

    Entity Builder

    A visual way to define the data models in your application. NoSQL Capability, Built-in boilerplate and Security features.

    GitHub Integration

    Audit and track changes to see exactly who, when and what was changed.

    Workflow Builder

    Build lists of actions using visual business processes and flow charts. Break down complex processes into smaller ones, define and visualize them using the BPMN Visual Editor.

    Single Sign-On

    Link your existing users directly to the app or share users in-between applications.

    Built-in Cloud Capabilities

    Leverage cloud services to increase performance, security and scalability, with few to no configuration requirements.

    Email Marketing Automation

    Powerful email marketing tools to upgrade the way you interact with your users


    DNN: See Compatibility Matrix SQL Server 2012+ ASP.NET 4.5.2 IE10+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera IIS 7.0+

    All DNN Sharp Modules Included

    The App Builder grants you access to all the DNN Sharp Modules ever developed, including the popular Action Form, Action Grid, Search Boost

    Struggling to Create Custom DNN Forms?
    Struggling to Create Custom DNN Forms?

    Action Form is the most powerful yet easy to use custom form builder available for DNN. It's Responsive too!

    Automation and Integration with Custom DNN Tokens
    Automation and Integration with Custom DNN Tokens

    My Tokens connects data to modules. For example, pull content from DB table or a web service into HTML modules.

    Highly Customizable DNN Menus
    Highly Customizable DNN Menus

    NavXp gives you full control over layout, hierarchy and appearance. Build any DNN menu you can think of in minutes!

    Segmentation and Workflows for DNN
    Segmentation and Workflows for DNN

    Redirect toolkit has got them all: user redirects, roles redirects, mobile redirects, random A/B testing redirects and a dozen more.

    Feature-packed DNN Search Engine
    Feature-packed DNN Search Engine

    Search Boost has been often said to be light years ahead of any other search engine. Make sure you are not losing customers because they can't find what they're looking for.

    A Proper Task Scheduler for DNN
    A Proper Task Scheduler for DNN

    If you need to automate system maintenance or administration tasks on your DNN portal, Sharp Scheduler is your ticket!

    Really Modern Looking DNN Tabs
    Really Modern Looking DNN Tabs

    Tabs Pro comes with clean and responsive themes that will also play nicely with CDNs. Fast and simple to configure!

    Ridiculously Good-looking Grids For DNN Data-rich Applications
    Ridiculously Good-looking Grids For DNN Data-rich Applications

    Action Grid enables the integration of tables from multiple sources into DNN projects, providing a flexible means of displaying data

    Ultimate DNN SEO URL Rewriter
    Ultimate DNN SEO URL Rewriter

    URL Adapter takes on some rather complex concepts such as usability, SEO or redirect workflows and builds a new interface that Everyone can understand!

    DNN Interactive Walkthroughs

    InfoBox drives user engagement and improve the customer journey with guided walkthroughs that are seamlessly layered on your DNN portal with no code change

    DNN API Endpoint
    REST API In DNN With Little To No Coding

    DNN API Endpoint was born to create an easy-to-use and well-tested framework for building REST APIs to help support applications that live especially outside of DNN.

    Powerful Addons

    Some are Premium Add-Ons, only available with upper-tier licenses such as Harvest or Growth. Check out the App Builder website or contact us for details

    DNN MailChimp Add-on

    Turn your DNN portal into a marketing leads generation machine.

    DNN Campaign Monitor Add-on

    Get on an email marketing strategy using the extremely popular Campaign Monitor service.

    DNN Page Actions Add-on

    Work smarter, not harder when it's come to define role capabilities to manage DNN pages.

    Job Application Add-on

    Have a streamlined approach to resume submission.

    DNN Module Actions Add-on

    Define role capabilities to add, load, update or delete DNN modules.

    DNN Advanced Search Add-on

    Tailor your DNN portal’s search results by means of advanced filtering created through custom forms.

    DNN Constant Contact Add-on

    Add contacts to your Constant Contact mailing list when they fill out Action Form powered forms.

    DNN Clickatell Add-on

    Send SMS messages through a Clickatell account to alert mobile users when a form is submitted.

    DNN Salesforce Add-on

    Integrate sales, support and marketing processes with the powerful Salesforce CRM application.

    DNN Authorize.Net Add-on

    Accept credit cards payments and e-checks in a fast, easy and secure way.

    DNN PDF Generator Add-on

    Create PDF documents from your DNN portal using form data captured from Action Form.

    DNN Podio Add-on

    Build a centralized collaborative work platform by integrating your DNN portal with Podio platform

    DNN Electronic Signature Add-on

    Capture signatures online by allowig user to sign forms using touchscreen devices, touch pads or mouse.

    DNN PayPal Add-on

    Collect credit card payments with PayPal right on your DNN portal.

    DNN Aweber Add-on

    Automatically add subscribers to your Aweber lists

    DNN Excel Generator Add-on

    Create Excel spreadsheets using data captured with DNN Sharp's modules

    DNN Stripe Add-on

    Accept instant credit card payments through Stripe right on your DNN portal

    EasyDNNnews Add-on

    Make DNN Sharp's modules and EasyDNNnews talk to each other in a jiffy

    DMX Add-on
    DMX Add-on for Search Boost

    Properly index the content from DMX documents to include it in search results.

    Live Tabs Add-on
    Live Tabs Add-on for Search Boost

    Include Live Tabs content in Search Boost search results

    Hotcakes Add-on
    Hotcakes Add-on

    Add products directly into Hotcakes shopping cart by means of DNN Sharp’s modules


    Click here to view our available plans


    We can also tailor the platform to your specific needs, with additional, Enterprise-Grade features, Multi-environment, Full Data History & Security Audit, Single Sign On Providers, Dedicated Success Manager, Training, SLA Agreement, hosted on cloud or on-premise

    Additional Services

    Proof Of Concept

    Before making a long term commitment, we can work on the customer requirements to implement a system that validates App Builder to be a good fit both in terms of capabilities and speed of development.

    1 week

    Migrate from EVOQ

    We have done dozens of such migrations and have deep knowledge about the many details that need to be taken into account.

    Starting At

    Training on the job

    We assign a part-time resource to work side by side with the developers to speed up learning.

    per week

    Premium Support with SLA

    Premium support ensures that tickets make it at the top of the queue and are addressed immediately.
    $200 / $1,600

    per incident / 10 Incidents

    Source Code Escrow

    We’ll place the entire Plant an App source code in a 3rd party escrow service connected to our GitHub repositories and enter a formal agreement on release terms.

    per year

    Dedicated Technical Success Manager

    A resource from Plant an App team to be in direct contact with the development team.
    • Remove development roadblocks in a timely manner
    • Propose solutions
    • Answer technical questions
    • Discover new functionality that needs to be added in the product

    How would you start?

    Whether you're migrating from EVOQ to App Builder, you want to get your new project rolling with a Proof of Concept, or you just need help deciding which plan works best for you, we are here to help you in your journey.

    You Have Questions, We Have The Answers

    Frequently asked questions cover answers to most of the questions that you might have related to App Sharp. Please read this section carefully before waiting for support. Who knows? You might find the answer quicker than expected.

    FAQ 1.Is the App Builder included in App Sharp or Web Sharp?

    No, the App Builder is our new flagship product that is much better alternative than Web Sharp and App Sharp because of the value added features that will save an extra 60% of the development time on average.

    FAQ 2.Does the App Builder include all the DNN Sharp modules?

    Yes, the App Builder was built as a master module that orchestrates all our existing modules and adds new functionality on top. You can still use the modules individually by adding them to the pages and configuring them manually. But most of that work you won’t have to do. Therefore, if you have an existing DNN Sharp license, we can credit it towards the App Builder upgrade. Contact us to set up the discount.

    FAQ 3.Is there a discount for upgrading for App Sharp, Web Sharp or individual models?

    If you have an existing DNN Sharp license, we can credit it on a pro-rata basis towards the App Builder upgrade. Contact us to set up the discount.

    FAQ 4.What DNN versions does it work with?

    Please see our Compatibility page for DNN compatibility and other requirements.

    FAQ 5.Do I need to have the DNN Sharp modules installed before I can deploy App Builder?

    No. The App Builder installs as any extension in DNN. Once added to a page, it will ask to download and install all the DNN Sharp modules it depends on. This is a one click process that saves tons of time compared to installing the modules one by one. It also guarantees that the versions that get installed are compatible between them.

    FAQ 6.Can I still use the individual modules?

    Yes, though the number of times you would need to use the modules individually is greatly reduced. The App Builder interface consolidates all the back-end modules such as My Tokens, API Endpoint, Scheduler, Search Boost settings and so on. When defining the data model, the App Builder automatically generates the DNN pages with forms and grid to operate on the database. You could still build the forms and grids manually, but with the App Builder it takes literally a few minutes to setup everything from the database to the data entry and permission scheme. Doing it manually, would take a few hours.

    FAQ 7.Can I install it on an existing instance?

    Yes, we designed the App Builder to be non-disruptive with existing instances. Once installed and added to a page, you can start using the new features one by one when needed. Previous functionality will not be affected so you can plan your own migration path as you see fit.

    FAQ 8.Will my web applications continue to work if I don’t renew my license?

    No. The App Builder is sold solely on a subscription basis. This recurring revenue gives us the juice to continue building great technology. We’ve seen many players in the DNN space going out of business because they didn’t have a sustainable revenue model. Our goal is to be here 10 years from now as well and be state-of-the-art technology. There is a grace period on failed payments to give you enough time to sort out the underlying issues so your web apps are not disrupted.

    FAQ 9.How is App Builder different from App Sharp or Web Sharp?

    App Sharp and Web Sharp are not modules and therefore they add no functionality. They are just names for our entire suite of DNN Modules up until App Builder. The App Builder is an actual module that greatly accelerates building web apps. It does this by leveraging all the DNN Sharp modules that are in the 2 collections, but also through a lot of more functionality that spans across modules, such as the Entity Builder, the Workflow Builder, versioning of module settings through GitHub and many others.

    FAQ 10.Do you have a partner program?

    In fact, we do. Our partners earn commissions by reselling Per App licenses to their customers and, in most cases, also earning additional revenue from implementation and support services billable directly to the customer. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming our partner.

    FAQ 11. What is the difference between App Sharp and Web Sharp?

    App Sharp is targeted towards building apps, while Web Sharp is meant for building websites.

    FAQ 12. What is Plant an App?

    If you see Plant an App mentioned here and there, don't panic! It's still us, Plant an App is the brand name we gave App Builder for the non-DNN community. We’re actually becoming a disruptive player in the low-code market, valued to grow at $52bn by 2024. You can read more at


    When it comes to support we pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our clients. One of the greatest joys we get is the awesome stuff we see based on the concerted effort of both our clients and ourselves. With dedicated support staff at your back, you can be sure that you will get your web apps up and running without a hitch.