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Cross Article 8.8 - News & Blog & Media & Survey & Document & Content Localization & DNN 9.2

posted by - 07/11/2018

1.  Quick Link  

Download 60 days free trial version     View User Manual     Check other modules of us
    Demo 1 - publish news article
    Demo 2 - import articles from RSS feeds
    Demo 3 - publish photo gallery
    Demo 4 - show articles with JavaScript slideshow (10 slideshow effects)
    Demo 5 - show articles with Flash slideshow (3 slideshow effects)
    Demo 6 - publish product catalog
    Demo 7 - publish real estate
    Demo 8 - publish job listings
    Demo 9 - publish automobile (car)
    Demo 10 - publish classified ads
    Demo 11 - publish documents
    Demo 12 - responsive layout support
    Demo 13 - Create survey (vote) with article
    Demo 14 - Location (country, state/province, city, and town) search support

2.  Introduction
    Cross Article is an enterprise-class DNN module that enables multi-user to publish news, articles, blogs, surveys (votes), press releases and stories. With the support of custom attributes, it also allows you to publish everything else, like real estate, cars, job listing, product catalogs, classified ads, directory listings or anything else you can think of. In addition to publishing text content, adding videos / audio / pictures / documents to an article are as easy as ABC. Cross Article is the ultimate publishing platform for DNN, it includes 14 sub modules which provide many cool features, as follows:
    1. Powerful yet easy to use, module introduces a new setup wizard to guide you to configure it step by step, all you need to do is just click “Next” to follow this wizard.

    2. Publish everything, include news, articles, blogs, real estate, cars, job listing, product catalogs, classified ads and any content you can think of. V7.8 also allows you to create vote (survey) with articles.

    3. Content localization support, you can publish information (articles/categories/tags...) with multiple languages (e.g. English and Chinese) in same portal.

    4. Multi-author support, authorized users can post their own articles (listings) and upload videos, audio, photos, documents with them. Module provides two upload methods: MS Silverlight upload control (allows uploading big size files) and Java Script upload control (PC and iPhone/iPad/Android/Mobile support), it also supports automatic conversion of user uploaded videos to .flv or h.264 format.

    5. Allow register user uploading files with help ticket, also allow author uploading files as response. For example, you are publishing job listings, a user can request a job position, and upload his files (resume, pictures, credentials) to you.

    6. Organize data with departments and categories. Site administrator can create unlimited custom data fields for article (listing), or disable unwanted built-in data fields.

    7. Template-driven layout and design. All sub modules are template based, module already includes 6 built-in templates, and you can create your own templates if necessary.

    8. Responsive layout support, so in combination with responsive skins they will adjust to smartphone and tablet screens.

    9. Display articles (listings) with data list, data grid, JQuery UI tabs (24 tab style), JavaScript  slideshow (10 effects), Flash slideshow.

    10. Import articles from RSS feeds, Twitter Search, Twitter User Timeline. Also can generate RSS feeds from site articles.

    11. The new advanced search feature allows you to specify the search conditions, you can search based every built-in data fields (and custom attributes that you create).
It also fully integrates with DNN built-in search mechanism. V7.8 adds location (country, state/province, city, and town) search based customers’ feedback.
   12. SEO friendly url / Google web sitemap / Google news sitemap support to let search engines index your articles more easily.

    13. Location (country, state/province, city, and town) / Google Maps / Amazon Simple Storage Services (Amazon S3) support.

   14. There are 14 sub modules in package,  but all information are manage via 1 single module (CrossArticle_Admin), the other 13 sub modules are all used to display related data.

   15. Fully integrate with DNN built-in social & journal. Author can mark his articles as private/protected, or share them between his friends / followers / social groups. And when a new article / comment is posted, it will be automatic added into author’s journals.

   16. Works seamless with DNN built-in search mechanism.
    View live demos which we listed in section "1. Quick Links", also view our articles which generated by Cross Article module as follows:

   You can view more showcases which are submitted by our clients at And
download 60 days trial version at Please read “Cross Article 8.8 user guide.pdf” before test it.
    Please note, v8.8 requires DNN 9.2+ to run. If your sites are still under DNN 5.x/6.x/7.x/8.x/9.0/9.1, please check other old versions at

3.  Module Highlights

3.1  Easy of use, DNN 9.2 based, Content Localization, Publish everything, Department, Custom attributes, Categories, Tags

      3.1.1 Fully rewrote based DNN 9.2, provide setup wizard to make it easy of use

P1 - Setup Wizard
v8.8 is fully rebuild based DNN 9.2, to utilize the new features in DNN 7/8 (like the services framework mechanism, Ajax, form pattern). And we try our best to make this module easy of use and self-explanation. When you run module first time, it will show a setup wizard  to guide you to configure it step by step, all you need to do is click "Next" to follow this wizard. It is so easy.

      3.1.2 Content localization support, allows you to publish information (articles / listings / categories / tags, etc.) with multiple languages (e.g. English, French and Chinese) in same portal (new in v8.0)
       Localization in DNN can be done in two different ways, Cross Article supports both of them well. Which way to choose depends on the content of your site, and how you want to localize this content for different languages and countries.
      The simplest way to start offering your site in multiple languages is to add a portal per language. Cross Article supports this situation easily using its setup wizard. For example, if you want to publish articles to both English and Chinese readers, you can create two portals ( and, and configure two different sites with Cross Article. This is the classical (old) way in DNN world.

       The second way is to offer multiple languages content in same portal. For example, publish pages/articles with both Chinese and English, when Chinese reader visit your site, show Chinese content of pages/articles; when English reader visit your site, show English content of pages/articles. For this situation, DNN has a built-in feature (since DNN 7.0) called "Content Localization". This feature allows a site owner to duplicate a site for each desired language, and permit a seamless switch between the different languages. This is today's popular trend and we strongly recommend you to choose this way to support multiple languages.

      Cross Article works seamless with this localization way, and it uses a elegant method to handle multiple contents. All data in Cross Article (articles/listings/categories/attributes/tags/location, etc.) can be localized, and you only need to focus the necessary part. For example, the article title should be translated into different languages, but article image doesn't need to translate.  The localization mechanism in Cross Article is straightforward and easy.

      3.1.3 Publish everything

P2 - Demos
Cross Article is mainly designed to publish news articles (view live demo), but with the support of departments/categories/custom attributes, it also allows you to publish everything else, like real estate (view live demo), cars (view live demo), job listing(view live demo), product catalogs (view live demo), classified ads (view live demo), surveys and votes (view live demo), location based directory listings (view live demo) or anything else you can think of. It is the ultimate publishing platform for DNN.

    3.1.4 Organize data with departments

P3 - Departments
Departments are top-level unit to organize data. Each department has its own categories / attributes / tags / articles (listings). Department offers the best solution to organize variety data. For example, if you want to publish news article, post job position, and also list house rent information on your site. It is hard to organize these data without departments. But with department, things become easy. For live demo, please visit You will see we create a few departments (Articles, Real Estates, Products, Jobs, Ads, and Documents), and publish variety data (articles, products, jobs, documents, etc.) in same site using Cross Article.

    3.1.5 Create extra attributes for each department

P4 - Attributes for real estate department
Different departments have different attributes. For example, when publishing real estate, you may want specify its "Location" and "Area". When publishing software, you may want to specify its "Version" and "Platform".
Attributes (e.g. "Location" or "Area") are used to create these extra independent variations in your departments. After create an attribute, author can then enter specific attribute values for an individual listing (e.g. "New York", "Houston", "Boston").

   Below is a list of data types you can specify for an attribute:
   A.  Basic data like  string /   int / decimal /  datetime /  date /  time /  boolean / currency.
   B.  Special data like  email /   image /   url /  text html.

    You can specify a list of value for attribute, user can choose one of them via drop down list / radio button list. In v7.0, we also add check box list display style to let you select multiple items from exiting values.

                              P4 - list of values for an attribute
      After creation, these fields will be treated the same as built-in fields. You can add/edit their value, display them on article list module and article detail module. In v7.6, these custom attributes can also be used as search conditions. For live demo, please visit
     3.1.6 Disable unwanted data fields

Article has some built-in data fields, like author/source/image, etc. You can disable them If necessary.  If a field is disabled, then it will not be displayed on article edit interface which belong to current article department. And of course, it will also disappear in article list and detail module too. 

       3.1.7 Create extra text/html content data fields
The "Custom Attributes" feature works well for short content fields. For long content (Text/Html content), each department also has up to 5 additional fields to let you to publish long content (text/html content).  You can specify its title and default value. If a field is enabled, then it will be displayed on article edit interface and detail which belong to current department.

       For example, we need a “Testimonials from DNN store“ attributes while publish our modules. So we enable “Specification 1 “ and set its name as “Testimonials from DNN store“ like below:

  P6 - extra text/html content field

      3.1.8  Unlimited level categories 
Each department has its own categories. Cross Article supports unlimited level of categories (with tree). An article can belong to multiple categories.

      3.1.9  Tags
Each department has its own tag list.  An article can have multiple tags.

3.2  Multi-author support, Author file manager, File upload for PC and mobile, Reader File Upload, Amazon S3, Video convert on-line/off-line, Thumbnail and watermark

      3.2.1 Multi-author support

      Cross Article is multi-author based. Administrator can choose roles which can post articles (listings) on your site, specify disk quota and item count this role can have. In v7.6, you can also limit the departments which user can post listings to. For example, if you have two departments ("Article" and "Real Estate"), you can limit a role to post listings under "Article" department only.

                                                                  P7 - Author Roles
      You can use a store module (like our Classified Pro 8.0 - store, auction, classified ads) to sell these author roles, so user needs to buy (subscribe) a role first before post articles (listings) to your site. You can also charge author roles based different conditions (departments, article count, disk quota, etc).

      3.2.2 Author file  manager
     Author can manage his own folders/files. When edit  his articles (listings), he can choose related files (images/videos/documents, etc) from these files. In v7.6, we rewrote the old "author file management" control, to share the same interface as the DNN built-in "File Management"  feature. It is now fully Ajax based, and also support right-click popup menu. Just like site administrator can do in DNN standard  “File Management” page, author can do same work too. Except the “Upload“ function, module provides a more powerful tool.

                                                       P8 - Author file manage

       3.2.3  Two file upload controls which support both PC and Mobile/Tablet (iPhone/iPad/Android, etc).
      Module provides two upload methods: the Ms Silverlight upload control and the JavaScript upload control.  For PC user, we recommend the Ms Silverlight control.  It allows the author to upload multiple/large size files (for example, 500mb), and it doesn't require you to change anything in site configuration.  However, if author uses iPhone/iPad/Android which can't run MS Silverlight plug-in, he can choose the traditional JavaScript upload control, this upload control works the same as DNN built-in upload control. It is easy to use and supports drag uploading.

                         P9 - File Upload  (Ms Silverlight Upload Control).

                         P10 - File Upload  (JavaScript Upload Control).

       3.2.4  Allow reader (register user) uploading files with his help ticket to the author, also allow author uploading files as response. (new in v8.4)
      V8.4 allows reader (register user) uploading files with his help ticket to the author, also allow author uploading files as response. For example, you are publishing job listings, an interested user can submit a request (a help ticket) to a job, and upload his resume (pictures,credentials) to you. You can even limit the file upload count / title / extension / size. For example, you can require user to upload 2 files, one is "Resume" and its extension is "doc,docx", and can't exceed 5mb in size; the other is "Personal Picture", and its extension is "jpg,jpeg,png".

                                                            P11 - Reader upload files to the author.

     3.2.5  Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)
    Amazon S3 provides a simple web services interface that can be used to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web.  You can use it easily in Cross Article module, simple change storage type as “Amazon S3” and enter your account information. User share similar file manager interface like store in local. For more information about Amazon S3, check

      3.2.6  Convert user upload video to .flv or h.264 (.mp4) format online
     Video is very popular in today and Cross Article module also  enables user upload huge video files to site. But  user may  upload different type of videos, play these videos via normal way is too difficult. Cross Article module solves this question by convert user upload videos to  flash video format (.flv) or H264 (.mp4 ) format. Just like YouTube did.

                           P11 - Video Convert

      3.2.7  Convert videos offline
      We also provide a windows application which can convert video and capture thumbnails. Visit to download it.  

       3.2.8  Generate thumbnail and add watermark to user uploaded images.
     In v7.5, you can control whether to add watermark to user uploaded images. The watermark source can be text, or a small gif image. This is a useful feature if you want to protect your images.

                                  P12 - Gif based watermark

     3.3  Video / audio / image / document support, Survey, Location, Google Maps, Show articles with list / grid / tabs / JavaScript slideshow, Template-driven layout and design, Responsive layout, Controllable

     3.3.1 Add videos / audio / images / documents with an article (listing)
     An article can have multiple videos/audio/images/documents with it. If author has disk quota, he can choose his own files to add, otherwise he can only add from external url or from embed code. 
    Cross Article uses the light box style to play videos (or audios, images) in article detail, whether it comes from local file, or external url, or embed code. For live demo, please visit
                           P13 - Play video with light box popup
      3.3.2 Create survey (vote) with an article
     In v7.8, we add survey (vote) support based customers' feedback. Now you can specify a survey title and provide up to 20 vote options. You can make the vote options as single choice, or allow visitors to select multiple options. For live demo, please visit
                           P14 - Create survey with an article

      3.3.3 Specify location (country, state/province, city and town) to a article (listing)
     In v7.8, we add location (country, state/province, city, and town) support based customers' feedback. This is useful if you want to publish location related listings (e.g, real estate, parks, hotels, etc). For live demo, please visit
                           P15 - Location Search

      3.3.4 Google Maps integration
      In v7.3 we add Google Maps support based customer feedback. You can easily show Google Maps with your articles (listing) by provide its latitude and longitude. This feature is very helpful if you publish maps related information, like hotel/park...etc.
                           P16 - Location Search

      3.3.5 Show articles (listings) with data list, data grid, JQuery UI tabs, JavaScript slideshow and Flash Slideshow.

      There are 14 sub modules in Cross Article package, 4 of them are used to show articles. As follows:
      1. CrossArticle_List sub module is used to show articles (listings) with data list (or data grid), check for live demo.
      2. CrossArticle_ListDashboard sub module is used to show articles (listings) with Flash slideshow, check for live demo.
      3. CrossArticle_Slideshow sub module is new introduced in v7.6. It allows you to show articles (listings) with JavaScript slideshow. Currently it supports 10 slideshow mode (Numeric Rotate, Galleria, Bootstrap Carousel, Carrousel Flow Gallery, Unslider, Lite Accordion, Slidorion, Pgw Gallery, Pgw Slider, Owl Carousel), check for live demo

"Carousel flow gallery" slideshow

P14 - "Unslider" slideshow

"Numeric Rotator" slideshow

"Owl Carousel" slideshow

"Galleria" slideshow

"Lite Accordion" slideshow

"Pgw Gallery" slideshow

"Pgw Slider" slideshow

"Slidorion" slideshow

      4. CrossArticle_ListTab sub module is new introduced in v8.2. It allows you to show articles (listings) with JQuery UI tabs. Currently it supports 24 tab style, check for live demo

"Flickr" tab style

"Light" tab style

"Sunny" tab style

     We will introduce more slideshow mode in new version of Cross Article module. Don't hesitate to tell us if you have any funny slideshow and want to include them in our modules. 

      3.3.6 Template-driven layout and design
      There are 14 sub modules in Cross Article package. Except the CrossArticle_Admin sub module (which is used to manage all information), the other 13 modules are used to display data and they are fully template based. There are some built-in templates in package, you can try save a copy and modify them, then choose them as your display.
P15 - Built-in article list templates

       With templates, you can achieve any display effect as your wish in theory. We have many customers who build different templates. Like below:

                                      P16 - Custom template example 1

                                 P17 -  Custom template example 2

      3.3.7 Responsive Layout
You can choose some specific existing templates (like ArticleList_Responsive.ascx file) which is responsive layout based, so in combination with responsive skins they will adjust to smartphone and tablet screens. Or you can create other templates according to your responsive skin, to make them look better. For live demo, please visit using Firefox, then press ctrl+shift+m to  simulate mobile / tablet access.
      For example, you can choose to show 4 items per row in PC which has big screen width (e.g, 1900 *1200)
        P18 - Responsive layout - normal

       When visit with mobile which has small screen width (e.g, iPhone 320 * 480), module will automatic switch to 1 item per row to fit screen width:

P19 - Responsive layout - for iPhone 320 * 480
        When visit with tablet (e.g, iPad 768 * 1024), module will automatic switch to 3 items per row to fit screen width.

We have helped a lot customers to create responsive templates before, feel free to contact us if you need more details.

       3.3.8  Controllable
       Module offers more than 1500 options to control the layout and functions. Take CrossArticle_List sub module as example:
                    P19 -  CrossArticle_List  sub module settings
      By using these options, you can get different layout and functions as your wish. Visit for live demo

       3.4  Import from RSS feeds / Twitter search / Twitter user timeline, Generate RSS feeds, Cross site sharing, DNN built-in social / journal support

       3.4.1  Import from RSS feeds/Twitter search/Twitter timeline

                                                                        P20 -  My RSS feeds
      Cross Article supports 3 types of RSS feeds (RSS / Atom Feed, Twitter Search, Twitter User Timeline), it will automatic import your feeds using DNN schedule job. Visit for live demo.

       3.4.2  Generate RSS feeds based department / category / date / month / tag / author / module settings
       RSS feed is everywhere in Cross Article module, it can be generated based department / category / date / month / tag/ author and even module settings. Visit for live demo.

       3.4.3  Share articles between sites (portals)
       With RSS feeds generate and import feature, you can easily share articles between different sites (portals). For example, you can easily import our articles ( by import RSS feeds of our site (

      3.4.4  DNN built-in social / journal support (new in v8.6)
     Fully integrate with DNN built-in social & journal. Author can mark his articles as private/protected, or share them between his friends / followers / social groups. And when a new article / comment is posted, it will be automatic added into author's journals. Visit for live demo.
                                  ;                  P21  - DNN journal integrate

      3.5  Basic search and advanced search, DNN built-in search integration, SEO Friendly

      3.5.1  Basic search feature
                                                                        P22 -  Basic search
      Basic search works well if you don't have too much records. Visit for live demo

     3.5.2  Advanced search feature to let you specify search conditions based all built-in data fields and custom attributes that you create
                                                                        P22 -  Basic search
      Advanced search works great if you want to allow user search articles (listings) based custom attributes. Cross Article allows you to specify up to 10 search conditions based custom attributes. Visit for live demo. In v7.8, you can also search based location (country, state/province, city, and town).

      3.5.3  Integrate with DNN built-in search mechanism
      Cross Article works seamless with DNN built-in search mechanism. Visit for live demo. Note, when you publish articles with multiple languages in same site (content localization), these multi-lingual content can also be searched in DNN built-in search control.

      3.5.4  SEO Friendly
A:  Add article title to page title while view its detail.
      B:  Automatic add article title and its tag to page  “keywords” 
      C:  Provide a option “Enable seo friendly url“. If this option is checked, module will generate article detail page url use its title.   We strongly recommend client enable this option if you article is based English.

      3.6  Google web sitemap, Google news sitemap support
   3.6.1  Google web sitemap support
As we know, DNN provides a web site map which can be submitted to Google web master tools to let Google index your site more easily. By default, DNN only lists your web pages as site map urls.  In v7.2, we provide a option to let Cross Article module also include your articles in web site map urls.  It is a must do action if you want to your articles be searched more easily.
                                             P39 -  Cross Article site map provider
       Check you will see our articles are listed on web site maps. This increases our site traffic remarkable since we resubmitted these changes to Google web masters tools.


       3.6.2  Google news sitemap support
Besides web site map, Google also allows you to submit a news site map. A Google News Site map is a file that allows you to control which content you submit to Google News. By create and submit a Google News Site map, you're able to help Google News discover and crawl your site's articles. For more information,please check

    In v7.0, we add Google news site map support based some customer's feedback. This is a great way to let Google index your news articles.
    Note,there is no conflict between your web site map and your Google news site map. We strongly recommend you submit both of them to Google if possible.

  3.7  Permission, Help ticket, Watch list, Comment, Rating, Recommend, Mail notice, Anarchy media player, Newsletter

       3.7.1  Article (listing) permission, paid content
Administrator can set default view / rate / recommend / comment / vote / attachment download permission for all articles. Besides that, each article can has its own view / rate / recommend / comment / vote / attachment download permissions. You can specify these permission to sell paid content.

       3.7.2  Help Ticket
Registered user can submit help ticket to author to get 1-to-1 help. This feature is useful in some cases, for example, when publish job listings, user can directly submit his resume to you).
       3.7.3  Comment / Rating / Recommend support.

       3.7.4  Registered user can add article to his watch list.
        3.7.5  Play media which in article content via Anarchy media player.
       Anarchy media player  is a java script plug-in that  will scan your article content, find all  hyper links to media files (mp3,flv,mov,mp4,m4v,m4a,m4b,3gp,wmv,avi,asf..etc), and generate related script to play it.

          For example ,a link to a mp3 file will became as


        and a link to Mpeg-4 audio (mp4,m4a,m4b) file will became as


        A link to flash video file (flv) will became as

      3.7.6 Mail Notice
     When help ticket / comment is submitted / response..., module will send related mail to author / user.

       3.7.7  Newsletter
       V6.3 add a “Newsletter“ feature to let site administrators easily send promotion emails to users that are registered on your site. This is a great way of informing your customers of new information and keep them coming back to your site.
    Besides registered users, you can also enter additional mail list and send mail to them. This is a great way to promote your site.

       3.8  Bulk edit, Centralized Manage, Online help, Security assure, Localization
      3.8.1  Bulk edit/delete data
     You can check all data easily and bulk edit/delete them.

         3.8.2  Manage all information in 1 module
There are  14 sub-modules in Cross Article package. But all data (department/category/attributes/article/comment/help ticket....) are managed via 1 module - the CrossArticle_Admin sub module. Other 13 sub modules are all used to display content. 

         3.8.3  Online help is everywhere
        Instead of write long and complicated help document to explain every detail of this module. We choose to integrate these information directly into module interface.

      And we also provide as detail as necessary information through DNN standard help mechanism. Whenever you feel confusion, click the left help button of field, you will see more detail information. Like below:

                                     P35 -  Field help

        3.8.4  Security Assure
        Check user input to prevent malice damage (like sql injection, script include, etc). Module also provides security code to prevent comment spam.

        3.8.5  Localization, English and Simple Chinese language package
        All information in this module is localizable. Module contains two language packages (English and Simple Chinese).
You can create other language package by using DNN standard localization feature. If you like,please send us a copy of your localization package at [email protected], we appreciate of your support.

4.  14 Sub Modules
There are 14 sub-modules in this package:  
     1. CrossArticle__Admin -  Manage all data in Cross Article package. In most cases, you only need 1 instance per portal.

     2. CrossArticle__List -  Show articles (listings) with data list or data grid.

     3. CrossArticle__ListTab -  Show articles (listings) with JQuery UI tabs, supports 24 tab style.

     4. CrossArticle__Slideshow -  New in v7.6, show articles (listings) with JavaScript slideshow.

     5. CrossArticle__ListDashboard  -  Show articles (listings) with Flash slideshow.

     6. CrossArticle__Detail -   Show article (listing) detail.

     7. CrossArticle__Category - Show categories

     8. CrossArticle__Search - Provide search function

     9. CrossArticle__TagList  -   Show tags with data list

     10. CrossArticle__TagDashboard -   Show tags with Flash slideshow

     11. CrossArticle__Archive -   Show month/date archive navigation

     12. CrossArticle__Author   - Show authors

     13. CrossArticle_Type  - Show departments

     1. CrossArticle_AccountLink -   Quick link to "CrossArticle_Admin" sub module.

     Except the "CrossArticle_Admin" sub module, the other 13 sub modules can be putted multiple times on different pages (or on same page), and these 13 sub modules are all template based.

5.  Version history      

v8.8 (released on 7/10/2018)
   1. Rebuild based DNN 9.2 platform

  v8.7 (released on 3/10/2017)
  1. Event Start / Event End properties added for the article.
  2. New article list template added (which is based div + css layout).

  v8.6 (released on 1/8/2017)
  1.   Social sharing support. Article now can be marked as private / protected, or share between author's friends / followers / social groups.
  2.   Option to hide the Ms Silverlight file upload control.
  3.   New "Group ID Mapping" option added to show articles (listings) in DNN group detail page.
  4.   Using the site avatar photo as the user default photo.

  v8.5 (released on 1/3/2017)
  1.   New “User ID Mapping” option added to show articles (listings) in DNN user profile page..
  2.   Tested under the new DNN 9 platform and works fine.

  v8.4 (released on 9/19/2016)
  1.    Allow register user uploading files, also also author uploading files as response.
  2.    Improve the data grid align.

  v8.3 (released on 2/21/2016)
  1.    Rebuild based DNN 8 platform.
  2.    Replace the light box image pop-up JavaScript library, to support new version browsers.

  v8.2 (released on 1/31/2016)
  1.    CrossArticle_ListTab sub module added (show articles with JQuery UI tabs)..
  2.    Over 20 + JQuery UI CSS packages added.

  v8.0/8.1 (released on 12/15/2015)
  1.    Content localization support.
  2.    Improve load speed (now runs 20% fast than before).
  3.    Introduce another upload control (JavaScript based which supports iPhone/iPad/Android/Mobile and PC).
  4.    Other minor improvements based customers’ feedback.

  5.    Enhance the article reading tracking feature.

  1. New 3 slideshow effects (Pgw Gallery, Pgw Slider, Owl Carousel)
  2. Article read tracking

  1. Rebuild based DNN 7.3.
  2. Survey (vote) support.
  3. Location support.
  4. "Galleria" javascript slideshow added.

  5. More author information added.  

  1. Setup wizard added..
  2. New responsive layout template added
  3. Bootstrap carousel slideshow added

  1. Upgrade to DNN 7.2.
  2. Import from RSS feeds, Twitter search, Twitter user timeline
  3. CrossArticle_Slideshow sub module added
  4. Advanced search feature added.
  5. Over 50+ minor improvements based customer feedback.

  1. Rebuild based DNN 7.x.
  2. Photo watermark support.
  3. Display photo in article rss feed.
  4. Show balloon indicator in Google Maps.

 1. Rebuild based DNN 6.2 to support user journal.
  2.Simple Chinese language package add.

    6.  Try before you buy
    We strongly recommend you try this module before you buy. You can
    1. View live demo at
    2. Download 60 days trial version at

    7. Upgrade Discount
      All modules from are customer-driven, v8.8 is the 46th generation of this product. We have received many suggestions from our customers since the first release, this module can't be making out without customers help.

     As a return to their help, we offer 100% upgrade discount for customer who bought v8.3/8.4/8.5/8.6/8.7.  For other old versions, please contact us and provide your previous order information, we will offer you related discount.

8. Compatibility
  DNN 9.2+.
     Sql server 2008/2012/2014/2016/2017, Sql Express 2008/2012/2014/2016/2017

     9. Help and support
      Read the user guide.pdf in the package to see how to use this module
      Click the online help link in DNN label to learn its meaning
      Using the DNN store help tickets system to submit your question.
      Visit our support forum for more specific problem solution.
  Mail us at [email protected] if you need more directly assistance (or if you have any improvement suggestion)

10. Version Difference

Standard  Enterprise Enterprise + Source
Private Assembly Yes  Yes Yes
Module Source (c#) No  No Yes
DNN site installation 1 site with unlimited sub portals
Unlimited sites Unlimited sites