Picture of Wow Gallery (Slider, Tile, Carousel, Compact, Grid, Youtube/Vimeo/SoundCloud/Wistia Video Gallery)

Wow Gallery (Slider, Tile, Carousel, Compact, Grid, Youtube/Vimeo/SoundCloud/Wistia Video Gallery)

posted by WI Professional Services - 10/22/2016

Wow Gallery is the best gallery for DNN that play both images and video! With it You can create beautiful, fully responsive and mobile friendly gallery for your DNN website.

With 10 gallery layouts, intuitive DNN gallery admin, zoom and touch lightbox, compatibility with Youtube, Vimeo, HTML5, Wistia videos, and tons of design options you can find everything you need from a gallery for your amazing DNN website.

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Great Features

  • Pull videos from YouTube, Soundcloud, Wordpress blog via RSS Feed URL
  • Pull videos from SQL Query DataSource
  • Azure / Cloud Ready
  • Support Albums
  • Support Categories
  • Support Shared Folder Sync
  • DNN 9.x Fully Supported
  • DNN 8.x Fully Supported
  • DNN 7.x Fully Supported
  • DNN 6.x Fully Supported
  • Mobile Support - Responsive
  • Full Screen
  • Auto Center
  • Navigation
  • Multi-Files Upload
  • Theme Customization

Wow Gallery Module Features:
  • 10 Premium types
  • 120+ gallery options
  • The gallery plays 4 types of videos: youtube, vimeo, html5 video and wistia (special)
  • Premium built in media lightbox
  • Image/Video Category (Tags)
  • You can mix image and video items in every theme
  • Touch Enabled – Every gallery parts can be controlled by the touch on touch enabled devices
  • Zoom Effect – The gallery has unique zoom effect that could be applied within buttons, mouse wheel or pinch gesture on touch enabled devices. Works in the themes as well in the lightbox
  • Powerful DNN gallery admin
  • Tons of options. The gallery has huge amount of options for every gallery object that make the customization process easy and fun.

Gallery Themes

Tile Columns
Tile Columns
Best image organization and fast load time. The tiles can be lined close to each other or separated.
Default Theme
Default Theme
Our default theme is the most popular, introducing all are most used features in one multi purpose gallery.
Carousel displaying solution that allows you to show image thumbnails and open in light-box.
Tiles Justified
Tiles Justified
The justifid type is the best for elegant images organizing, without any gaps and spaces from all the sides.
Slider Theme
Slider Theme
The slider theme is a simple gallery with navigation bullets on the bottom to navigate between the slides.
Grid Theme
Grid Theme
This theme allows you to set up any amount of thumbnails in as many columns you like.
Tile Grid
Tile Grid
Display a grid of thumbnails that is easy to customize with a bullet navigation option.
The compact theme is a minimal theme allowing you to place the thumbnail panel anywhere you like.
Video Gallery
Video Gallery
Despite that this example is called video gallery, you can put anything inside each slide.

Great features

With our unique features you can make what you want. Without programing skills.

Auto Responsive
Auto Responsive
All themes are responsive and adapt to all device resolutions
Full Screen
Full Screen
Slider supports fullscreen mode and automatically loads larger images in it.
Auto Center
Auto Center
The possibilities are almost limitless with new features being added regularly.
Customize your image thumbnails anyway you like in seconds
Multi Upload
Multi Upload
Upload any amount of images on the fly in one click.
Category Tabs
Category Tabs
The smart backend allows you to organiz the images in categories easily.
Drap and Drop - Next Release
Drap and Drop
Order your images with drag and drop quickly at any time.
All-purpose gallery solution that with unlimited display options.

Gallery Manager View

Gallery Items List tab

Gallery Items List

Add/Edit Gallery Item tab

Add/Edit Gallery Item

Upload Images/Videos tab

Upload Images/Videos

Theme Manager View

Release Notes

Release 01.03.00 (TBD):
  • New Software License Agreement
  • New Option to control show youtube channel videos only.
  • New Option to control show youtube video annotations.
  • New Module Setting: Angular Version
  • Remove '#' from page URL
  • Fixing critical bugs
Release 01.02.00 (16-11-2019):
  • Performance improvement using DNN Caching
Release 01.01.10 (15-05-2019):
  • New Feature: Pull videos from Vimeo RSS Feed
  • Fix multiple galery modules, with different themes
Release 01.01.09 (22-10-2017):
  • Increase title and description fields length
Release 01.01.08 (07-10-2017):
  • Critical Bug Fixes
  • New Feature: Pull gallery items from Sql Query Datasource
Release 01.01.07 (25-08-2017):
  • New Feature: Pull videos from Wordpress RSS Feed
Release 01.01.06 (05-08-2017):
  • New Feature: Pull videos from YouTube RSS Feed
  • New Feature: Pull tracks from Soundcloud RSS Feed
Release 01.01.05 (26-07-2017):
  • New Theme Option: Slide change speed
  • New Theme Option: Slide change easing function
  • New Theme Option: Enable Slide image shadow
  • Use Flex Layout for Albums list
Release 01.01.04:
  • Fix bug: multiple gallery modules in one page
  • Fix bug: User Permissions
Release 01.01.03:
  • Add Album Support
  • Add Shared Folder (UNC) Sync
Release 01.01.02:
  • Add more customization options for category navigation panel.
  • Bug Fixes.

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