Picture of Ultra Video Gallery 6.9.0 / Compatible with Latest Elastic Transcoder

Ultra Video Gallery 6.9.0 / Compatible with Latest Elastic Transcoder

posted by Bizmodules Solutions - 02/16/2016

Why need Ultra Video Gallery?

Video clip is everywhere in our world, you can take it by your home digital camera / computer camera / mobile phone, you can get it from your DVD or VCD disk, you can record your screen by screen recorder softwares to make learning courses, you can find favorite videos on Youtube or other video community websites, but it may not be an easy job to share videos in various formats on your DotNetNuke website.

A common experience is to upload videos to Youtube and embed it back to your website, this may be a possible solution if you have only 1 or 2 videos, but it won't work if you have numerous videos to publish.

Is there a better solution? Yes, the most-widely adopted DotNetNuke video gallery module, Ultra Video Gallery, allows you to create mini Youtube-style website on DotNetNuke since 2007.

What can Ultra Video Gallery do?

The major purpose of UVG can be divided to 3 parts.

Allow site users to add new videos: UVG accepts videos in many ways, you can upload videos from your local computer, or add videos from internet URL or Youtube, it even allows you to record live videos from webcam when work together with Flash Media Server .

Encode uploaded videos for internet usage: Similar to Youtube, UVG allows you to upload videos in any popular formats, once uploaded, UVG encode them to FLV or MP4 format with H264 encoding, both formats are specially designed for internet usage with a good balance of video quality and bandwidth cost.

Browse and play videos: UVG allows your visitors to easily find desired videos and watch it, our player works on mobile devices like iPhone/iPad, users can easily share a video on Facebook, Twitter and many other social websites.

General speaking, most common video formats that you can imagine are supported by UVG, below is an incomplete list.

Microsoft WMV 1/2/3

.wmv, .wm, .asf

Mpeg-2 encoded DVD video

.mpg, .vob

Real Media

.rm, .rmvb

Mpeg 1/2

.mpg, .mpeg, .mpe

Apple Quicktime


Mobile phone video format

.3gp, .3g2

DivX/XVID/Motion Jpeg


Apple/Sony mp4

.mp4, .m4v

What's new in UVG 6.2?

UVG 6.2 integrates Amazon Elastic Transcoder service, which allows you to encode and store your video in the cloud.

Though UVG's own video encoding engine is able to encode most video files reliably, it still has some defects:

  1. It might times out when encode long videos
  2. The video file size might be too big in some case
  3. Doing time-consuming video encodings on your website server might slow down it

With this integration, you no longer need to install the extra binary files which is a nessicity of prior versions, simply upload your videos to UVG, and UVG will automatically work with Amazon to encode(transcode) your videos to mp4 format and finally add to your video library.

What's new in UVG 6.9?

Ultra Video Gallery 6.9  is compatible with latest DNN 8.

What's new in UVG 6?

Ultra Video Gallery 6 comes with many important enhancements to extend its usability, below is a quick preview.


  1. New FullStage commercial
    UVG 6 allows you to create a new type of commercial: FullStage, which displays for a few seconds above the actual video player before watching a video.
  2. Queue Inspector
    The queue inspector module allows you to see what is going on inside the encoding queue. You can delete a video from the encoding queue if you changed your mind after upload, or move a video to the top of the queue for fast encoding.
  3. Smart video encoding
    UVG 6 grants higher encoding priority to videos uploaded by video managers, besides, the video size also contributes to the prioprity, the small the video is, the higher the priority is.
  4. Responsive layout
    Most UVG modules are now fully responsive.
  5. Social Digger
    Our new UVG_SocialDigger module allows you to display videos added by current user (or videos added by all members of current user group) on user profile or social group profile.
  6. Automatical Flash plugin detection
    UVG 6 automatically detects the availability of Flash plugin, if Flash plugin is not available, it automatically switchs to HTML 5 video player.
  7. Delete comments from notification email
    UVG sends a notification email when anyone post a comment, you can simply click the delete link in notification email to quickly remove it.
  8. UVG_VideoList records selections
    Whenever you choose categories, dates, view type and sort order in UVG_VideoList module, your selection is saved and will be loaded again the next time you enter the video list page.
  9. Watch all videos in a series
    When watch a video that belongs to a series, UVG is able to automatically move to next video once finished.

Features that make UVG unique

Complete solution
UVG is not a simple module, instead it is a complete, enterprise-level video gallery solution with 20+ DNN modules and desktop applications which allows you to build Youtube-like website on DotNetNuke.


Work with latest DNN versions
UVG 6 is designed to work on all DNN 6.2+ websites, including DNN 7.x. For DNN 4.5+ websites, you can still purchase it and use your license with UVG 5.


Multiple libraries per portal
UVG 5/6 allows you to create multiple libraries per portal, each library has its unique categories and videos so you can use UVG on many places of a DNN portal without interfering.


Video categories
Admin users can setup multiple categories in each library, a video can be added to one or more categories.


Video encoding engine
UVG use same technology as Youtube, when you upload a video, UVG put it into the encoding queue and finally encode it to Flash Video(.flv) or H264(.mp4) format, the encoding process is fast, it takes only a few seconds to convert a short video, flv and H264 are the most popular video formats for internet video distribution.


H264 encoding
This feature enhance your user experience to a whole new level, H264 is a video codec standard which can be used to generate videos in extremely high quality at substantially lower bit rates, when use H264 encoding UVG allows you to encode videos to HD 720p or even 1080p.


Flexible encoding strategy
UVG encodes each video to a low quality version and a high quality version, administrators can use UVG_Setup module to configure the encoding method and video resolution.


Encoding inspector

Our Queue Inspector module allows you to monitor what is going on with the video encoding queue.


iPhone/iPad friendly
UVG's video encoding stratege has a dedicated H.264 Baseline profile option, which generates mp4 videos that work on iPhone/iPad.


Various ways to add videos
Beside the ability to upload videos, you can also add videos from an internet URL or embed code offered by youtube or any other video websites.


Live video recording
When work with Flash Media Server together, UVG is able to record live videos from your webcam and publish it with RTMP protocal.


UVG converter
To do online video encoding, you must pass the permission check in UVG_Setup module, if you are not able to pass the permission check, you can use our client application, UVG Converter, to encode and upload videos.


Easily browse videos
Our video browser allows your visitors to filter videos with many options to easily find desired videos, your selections in video filters will be recorded and represented next time you visit it.


Flash video player + HTML 5 video player
Videos are played in our own flash video player, our player offers the ability to quickly, smoothly playback your videos with an well designed user interface. When Flash plugin is not available on client device, UVG automatically switch to HTML 5 video player.


Video subtitle
UVG allows you to upload subtitles in .srt or .vtt format, subtitles are displayed above the control bar like below screenshot.


Flash audio player + HTML 5 audio player
UVG's own flash audio player comes with a nice equalizer effect. When Flash plugin is not available on client device, UVG automatically switch to HTML 5 audio player.


Play in lightbox window
You can optionally choose to play videos in a lightbox window.


User interface customization
You may have your own web design and business requirements, our flash player offers many options to set colors, transparence, size and behaviors(like auto play), you can fully customize it to meet your web design.


Media Center
The media center module allows you to build a one-page video gallery based on specific criterias.


Flexible video listing
UVG offers many listing modules to build various kinds of video listings, for example, most recent videos of current portal, popular videos of a library, top rated videos of current user, related videos of the current playing one....


Related videos
Like Youtube and other video community websites, related videos, like videos with common tags, videos from same author, or videos in same series, can be displayed when watch a video.


Video comments
UVG sends email notifications to administrators when a comment is posted, admin users can click a delete link in the email to quickly remove this comment.


Social friendly
UVG 5 offers many ways to share a video on social websites. Besides, it offers a like/dislike feature to rate videos.

Journal integration
UVG 6 is fully integrated with the Journal feature in DNN 6.2+, the journal messages are posted when you add or delete a video / comment.

Flag video as inappropriate
If inappropriate video is added to your website, visitors can click a button to flag it due to given reason, an email notification is sent to video managers.


Video approval
You can optionally turn on the approval process so all videos must be approved by video managers.


Video series
Video Series is a group of videos, the most popular scenario is online movie or TV play, which contains multiple episodes, you can group these episodes in a series so visitors can easily watch them.


Play next video
When watch a video that belongs to a series, UVG is able to automatically play next video once finished.


Tag support
Our latest tag picker allows you to easily enter new tags or choose existing tags from auto completion list, you can use tags to create relationships between your videos.


Animated .gif screenshot
UVG is able to automatically capture a multi-frame .gif screenshot for each video uploaded, if you prefer you can also let it to capture a 1-frame static jpeg screenshot.


Advertisement (Commercial) support
This feature allows you to benefit from your website, you can display 4 kinds of commercials in UVG video player: Preroll, Postroll, FullStage & BottomThird. Our video player play your commercials before/after/together with your video content.


Configuration wizard
The new UVG_Setup module helps you to quickly setup and config UVG. It lists issues that need to be corrected and you just need to click the "Fix it" links to fix them.


File upload progress

When upload videos, UVG 6 displays graphical progress bar powered by RadUpload, UVG 5 offers a similar feature, but powered by a 3rd party component, Neatupload.


Youtube integration
When add videos from a Youtube URL or embed code, UVG actually re-generate the embed code to ensure all Youtube videos have a exactly same appearance, admin users can use UVG_Setup module to customize the appearance of Youtube player.


Amazon Simple Storage Service integration
UVG can be seamlessly integrated with Amazon S3, so you can securely store your videos in datacenters of amazon to save your disk space and bandwidth cost.


CloudFront integration
CloudFront is a new service from Amazon, this feature allows your site visitors in any continent to watch your videos from nearest server location


View permisson control
Video managers can set view permssion by DNN roles on both category and video level, you can use this feature together with DNN role subscription to sell your videos.


Ajax support
UVG use DNN's ClientAPI service to provide Ajax feature in various parts of this product, which brings you more smart and cool user interface effect.


Completely localization
UVG supports completely localization, every text strings, even in the flash player, are localizable, in the user guide you can find a detailed explaination.


Watermark & TV Logo
Display a watermark text of image logo above your videos to show your copyright info, you can specify your watermark text in HTML format and the position you'd like to place.

Sample and Trial

To explore what UVG can do, visit to watch our sample videos, or click HERE to download a trial version, fell free to try it before you buy.

Edition difference

Portal License Website License Server License Unlimited License
Price 69.95$ 99.95$ 249.95$ 399.95$
Full feature support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Redistribution No No No No
Number of websites
A DNN instance may host multiple portals
1 DNN portal 1 DNN instance Unlimited DNN instances
on single IP address
Unlimited usages
on websites you built
Customer support Free lifetime support
Upgrade policy Free lifetime upgrade for all minor upgrades (e.g. 5.x => 5.y)

Should you have any questions about our licencing please contact us.

User Guide

UVG comes with a well-documented user guide in PDF format, click HERE to download it.

Upgrade policy

Users who bought UVG 5.x after June 1st 2013 are eligible for free upgrade, other users can get upgrade discount based on your order date, visit our license upgrade program to check your upgrade discount.

Our license upgrade program also allows you to upgrade from one license to another, for example: upgrade from Express Edition single use license to Professional Edition single use license, or upgrade from single use license to server license.