Picture of ScheduleX for XMod Pro v1.1.0

ScheduleX for XMod Pro v1.1.0

posted by Reflect Media Group LLC - 01/11/2016

Create scheduled jobs and email notifications with ScheduleX

ScheduleX utilizes and extends the core scheduler. Flexible intervals, run conditions, before and after cleanup, and personalized token replacement that you've come to know and love with XMod Pro!

Beautifully Crafted

Built with power, intuitively designed...

Love at first site

If you're familiar with XMod Pro, you'll feel right at home.

Highly customizable

Create simple SQL jobs, or advanced notification procedures.

Unbiased code editor

Write your SQL queries and email templates in the same editor used by XMod Pro.

Job History

View job history directly from the core scheduler history feature.


ScheduleX is an extension for XMod Pro. Not simply a form builder, XMod Pro is the only complete application builder for DNN. It's so awesome, we even wrote a book on it, which teaches you how to build a complete solution from start to finish. You'll be building module solutions the same day!

The Book Buy XMod Pro


XMod Pro v4.5+ | v4.0+ | DNNv7.3.2+

Example Use Cases

There are countless ways to use ScheduleX. Here are just a few examples:

SQL Jobs

Run integrity checks, execute procedures on conditions, clean up data and more!


Notify administrators when someone ____________________, and execute commands as needed.

Personalized Emails

Send automated email notifications, informing your selected recipients of ___________________.

You Decide When Your Tasks Run

Utilize simple queries or complex stored procedures to determine if your job runs.

Execute SQL Before and After Your Job

Optionally execute queries before and after your job, such as initial data preparations, finalized with data cleanup after notifications.

Flexible Recipients Options

If you're sending email notifications, you can choose from a delimited list, custom query, or security roles.

Powerful Code Editor

Write pure HTML to build your email in the same unbiased code editor used by XMod Pro. Optionally use token replacement to create unique, personalized emails.

For more details on available tokens, check out our documentation!


Create A Dynamic Email Template

Look familiar? Create a simple or advanced template query, and even pass in parameters from your recipient query to generate a unique email for each recipient. This template is inserted into the email body with the special [[EmailTemplate]] token.

Simple Email Preview

Preview your email at any time simply by clicking on the preview tab.

Our pricing


Single DNN installation
1 year of free upgrades
3 months of free support
3 DNN installations
1 year of free upgrades
3 months of free support
Unlimited DNN installations within a single company
1 year of free upgrades
3 months of free support

There's more

Read the documentation to review all of the features!