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posted by ModuleDNN - 05/27/2022


The Responsive Photo & Video Grid Gallery brings to you multiple display defined layout , with Optimized JQuery and CSS3 



    - Support DNN7, DNN8, DNN9

    • - Fully Responsive and Mobile-Tablet Optimized (Compatibility with all Smartphones & Tablets)
    • - Optimized JQuery & CSS3
    • - Filter Photos & Videos by Category with many Effect & transitions
    • - You can preview your Grid Gallery Layouts  and to choose one
    • - Support upload multiple image files once time
    • - Allow choosing template size to resize image/thumbail for upload image item
    • - Allow choosing Quality image/thumbail to upload
    • - Create good quality thumbnails with small size
    • - Support Video from Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Twitvid, Collegehumor
    • - Allow fetch all Information of video from youtube URL (thumbnail, Title, description)
    • - Allow choosing Lightbox skin in 10 skin option, to display Image, Video
    • - Easy to manage you list Image in Gallery 
    • - Support the keyboard to redirect image
    • - Easy to control all setting to display the best Gallery. 
    • - Compatibility with major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE)
    • - Document ready


    What's new in version 09.01.00
    • - Fixed error on latest DNN9, DNN8 version (on Tererik)
    • - Support DNN9, DNN8, DNN7
    • - Performance improvements
    • - Fixed function Fetch Information (auto fill data) from YouTube link, when add or edit video
    • - Hide "All" category when data is empty
    • - Fixed error on delete video





    A Special Grid Type with list filter (grid3)


    Same ratio Grid with drop list of album filter (gridGallery_4)

    A type of Special Grid with drop list filter (grid2)



    View image with Lightbox Evolution (light1,2)







    Manage list Image Items (manager-grid-gallery-modulednn)




    Image Resizing setting (resize)


    And More setting for Gallery...


    Demo & Contact:

    Update Logs:






    • Fix Bugs
    • Improvements on saving and load photos

    V05.5 - V05.06

    • Add option to Enable/Disable Text on thumbnailw
    • Add option to Enable/ Disable for LightBoxw
    • Fix some small Bugs


    • Update small bugs in standard license
    • Update for unlimited photos
    • Improvements on load all photos

    V05.2 - V05.03

    • Update small bugs in display view
    • Fix error on Setting and Manage items
    • Allow Full layout
    • Fix some css display

    V05.0 & 05.01

    • Ready for DNN8
    • Add more layouts, total is 23 layouts (read more & review in document)
    • Allow user custom layout by select many layouts
    • Update some error in display grid (on hover item)
    • Allow user change word "ALL" in resources file
    • Update some css and scripts


    • Update manage items, allow fetch Video information (thumbnail, title, decription) from youtube URL
    • Update for Setting management
    • Update some Css and scripts


    • Update for Setting management
    • Add function transfer images from Album to Album
    • Allow setting show content on Hover items (thumbnails) for all items or one item
    • Allow setting show content in Lightbox
    • Update some css and scripts


    • Update order items when add new items
    • Fixed some small errors in manage list item
    •  Update order items when add new
    • Add order items by date of added item
    • Update lightbox style
    • Fixed update problem


    • Fix some problems on Licenses product
    • Allow choosing image/thumnail Size to upload (with many pre-define template size width/height)
    • Fix problem in Manage order items Gallery
    • Update filter items
    • Update lightbox with Lightbox Evolution
    • Allow select in 10 lightbox skins
    • Support multiple module on page
    • Fix some conflict css


    • Allow choosing quality image/thumbail to resize
    • Allow choosing default album to display (not Show All on the first load)
    • Fix some css style on display grid
    • Update  grid layout style the 14, 15, 16, 17
    • Fix some error in Manage Gallery items
    • Fix some errors on IE browser
    • Update flat modern style
    • Support manage Video
    • Add option grid layout
    • Update mange list item Photo & Video for admin


     With DNN7.X and All popular browsers




    - Enterprise Edition License:
       Unlimited DotNetNuke® Installation, Not permitted Redistribution, Free update 1 year

    - Standard License:

       Single DotNetNuke® Installation, Not permitted Redistribution, free update in 90 days