Picture of R7.Documents 1.13.1

R7.Documents 1.13.1

posted by Roman M. Yagodin - 06/13/2017
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  • Multi-tabbed, popup-enabled document editing UI.
  • Icon column to display file extension or document type.
  • Editable document dates.
  • Publish/unpublish documents by setting start and end publication dates.
  • Publication date column (calculated from start publication date with fallback to creation date).
  • If no published documents available, module hides from reqular users.
  • Page-specific module presentation settings (column set / order, sorting, etc.)
  • Import selected documents from any other R7.Documents or DNN Documents module.
  • Delete documents along with linked files.
  • Bulk copy and delete operations within a module.
  • Customizable styles - Bootstrap and DNN grid styles included.
  • YAML-based portal-level configuration (see R7.Documents.default.yml)
  • DNN 7.1+ search integration.

Screenshot (Bootstrap grid style)

R7.Documents module in the edit mode (Bootstrap style)

Release notes

Please see the release notes on GitHub