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Kheya DNN Form Builder

posted by Khademul Basher - 08/25/2017

Main Features

Admin Demo


  • 1Responsive.
  • 2Create both (Form) and (Wizard).
  • 3Compatible also with DNN 9+.
  • 4Used AngularJS in front end development.
  • 5Send Email to Admin.
  • 6Send Email to User.
  • 7Generate Pdf (Need VPS) at form submit and attach with Email if selected.
  • 8Display only input form for user. (Demo)
  • 9Display only data for user. (Demo)
  • 10Upload images, pdf, doc, xls files. (Demo)
  • 11Download uploaded files. (Demo)
  • 12Display both input form and data on page. (Demo)
  • 13Build form by Drag and drop components. (Demo)
  • 14Admin data add, edit, delete options. (Demo)
  • 15Normal and Advance data filtering. (Demo)
  • 16Column sorting. (Demo)

Admin Form List

Notes: List of forms and select one to display on page.

Admin Basic Info

  Page Size. Number of data rows displayed for admin. And for page if you select Display Data On Page.


  Default Form To Display On Page, Check mark this option for the form in form list which you want to display on page. Only one form is selectd to display for a module at a time.


  Display Form On Page, select this option if you want the default form will display on page to submit data.


  Display Data On Page, select this option if you want to display submitted data on page in a table.


  Display Header Filter, select this option if you want to filter table data displayed on page.


  Display Top Filter, select this option if you want top filtering on data table.


Email Configuration

  1. Send email to addmin.
  2. Send email to user.
  3. Attach form info in email body.
  4. Generate pdf and attach in email.

Admin Design

Notes: Design form by drag and drop components as a admin.

Admin Form Preview and Data Submit

Notes: Preview form during design time and submit data as admin to display on page.

Admin Data Management

Notes: This part shows the list of data submitted by Admin. This part also shows the data submitted by user if Admin allows user to submit data on page.

Form display on page

Notes: The form's view on page if Admin allows user for data submission.

Data display on page with sorting and filtering

Notes: How data is displayed on page if Admin allows data to display for user on page. User can apply sorting and filtering on the data table.

Sample Form